Summer is Here!!! Have You Finished Your Spring Cleaning?

For Your Decorative Concrete Areas… YOU can do it!

With the beginning of summer here, the birds chirping and blue skies are here! Yeah! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get out in the yard and get ready for some good ol’ summertime fun. But Yowl – has Nature has left debris on your beautiful Sundek surfaces all winter and spring? No worries!! With just a few easy steps, you’ll look out at your pool deck, backyard oasis, patio, walkways and see summer fun waiting to happen. Let’s get started….


Because of the awesome Sundek Sealers and Finish Coats – Spring cleaning should be a snap! Let’s take a look at some of Mother Nature’s “winter and spring left overs” and talk about how to deal with them.


Let’s start with the basics – the debris that has been collecting on your deck surface since last Fall. I recommend doing a “deep cleaning” to prepare for your summertime fun. Here’s a quick checklist to get your deck ready for summer in seven easy steps!


1) Sweep or blow off all the obvious stuff such as leaves and dirt.

2) Hose down the deck with a high pressure hose nozzle to get rid of the next layer of surface grime. This can also be done with a pressure washer, but if you don’t own one a normal garden hose and your thumb should suffice.


3) Basic Cleaning – While the surface is still wet, you can use a number of very basic household cleaners to really get that Sundek texture sparkling clean. This list includes but is not limited to:   Simple Green, TSP, and Oxyclean. I try to avoid is using detergents and soaps like Tide. These products can leave a soapy film that can make the surface slippery and be a magnet for future contaminants.  Note: Sundeck Products also has a complete line of concrete cleaning products that are specifically designed for this job and can be purchased from your local Sundek Dealer.


4) Nooks & Crannies Cleanout – This next part of the “deep cleaning” project requires a little bit of elbow grease. Use a stiff bristled broom and working the cleaning solution into all those Sundek texture nooks and crannies. Let the solution sit for a few minutes but do not let it dry.


5) Hose down the deck again. Thoroughly hose off using a good spray nozzle and rinse again. You can also use your pressure washer in this step too which will really dig in and remove a lot of embedded material.  Word of caution with the pressure washer- avoids hitting wood decks and other surfaces with high pressure. If you want to rinse or lightly clean other fragile surfaces, turn the air pressure down low and be careful as you go. The Sundek surface can handle much higher pressures.


6) Mildew and mold Treatment – You can treat your deck with “off the shelf” products that are specific for mildew and mold removal. As an alternative, you can also use 3 parts water to one part pool chlorine mix. It’s not a bad idea to let the solution soak on the mildew area for five or ten minutes before removing with a broom or water pressure. Heavy build ups may require repeated applications. Note: Always use caution when working with any chemicals including proper storage and disposal.


7) Hard water and vegetation stains – These are the most difficult to deal with when cleaning. There are a number of stain removal products on the market that do a pretty decent job. My recommendation is to follow the manufacturer’s directions for those retail cleaning products. Always use personal safety caution and be mindful of surrounding vegetation in the process.


This should get you all spruced up for summer time enjoyment!


(Yes, just like Lowe’s, Sundek is standing by!)


The Bottom Line: You can do spring cleaning yourself, but if you just don’t have the time, your local Sundek Dealer is standing by to give you an estimate to clean your Sundek and any other concrete needing attention. If you have an older Sundek installation, consider getting a free quote for an Extended Warranty and get your Sundek looking brand new for years to come!


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The Secret Sauce of Sundek…


Sundek decorative concrete systems utilize Sundek’s industry leading sealers and finish coats as the final step in the installation process.  Our finish coat is our secret sauce!   This final step helps maintain the appearance of the Sundek effects for years to come.

Most every decorative concrete coating requires a type of protective surface for 3 reasons:


(1) Keeps your decorative concrete beautiful! Acts as a protective shield over the decorative color and texture against from everyday traffic.
(2) Aids in cleaning up by serving as a protective element. Go ahead and spill that margarita! It will wipe clean as it will sit on top of the protective finish coat.
(3) Protects the coating from surface stains and moisture intrusion. Sundek’s Finish Coat won’t let that tequila absorb into nor stain your concrete.


One of the most popular Sundek effects is Classic Texture which has transformed millions of square feet of plain gray concrete into award winning decorative concrete surfaces throughout the world since 1970.


I have often been asked to explain the benefits of this important feature of the Sundek Classic Texture effect to my clients. The bottom line is that the Sundek Finish Coat protects your investment and ensures many years of beauty and pride in ownership!

Signature Color Chart


Alright, for our clients who want the technical details, here are the nitty-gritty details about the Sundek Finish Coat:

  • Provides a durable acrylic color finish – with a wide selection of color choices from both standard Sundek colors to one of a kind custom colors. This one feature gives you, the customer, a powerful design tool to create a unique hardscape.
  • Provides added moisture resistance to the Sundek decorative coating – minimizing staining and water intrusion. Water can be harmful to Sundek and other concrete and masonry materials if allowed to stand for long periods of time. This is especially true when it comes to swimming pool chemistry and other chlorinated water!
  • Provides a durable cleaning and maintenance surface. Sundek provides an attractive look to all types of concrete surfaces but if the surface is not properly cleaned on a regular basis it could become unsightly. I recommend contacting your local Sundek dealer for periodic professional maintenance of your Sundek surface.
  • Provides the capability to restore and rejuvenate an older Sundek installation that may not have been properly maintained or a Sundek installation that may have been a part of a remodel construction project and concrete areas have been saw cut or concrete removed. The finish coat can tie the area in color wise as if it were all done at one time.
  • Provides the opportunity to change colors. Being in the decorative concrete industry for 40 plus years I have witnessed the beige revolution of the 70’s to the gray looks of the 80’s and 90’s and it looks like we are back to the earth tones again. The Sundek acrylic finish coat allows the home owner to shift to the color décor that fits today’s latest trend.

The Bottom Line: It is amazing how something as simple as the color finish material such as the Sundek Finish Coat can provide so many added benefits to decorative concrete!

Our brand, SUNDEK, stands for quality, durability, and style. We spend a great amount of resources making absolutely sure that the formulas and manufacturing quality as well as installation techniques are maintained to the highest quality that was set in place back from our inception in the 1970’s. There you have it – the secret sauce of Sundek – Sundek Sealers and Finish Coat Products!

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Don’t Forget the Wall! It’s a Vertical World…

When most people think of decorative concrete they usually think of floors – pool decks – patios – driveways – horizontal applications. But wait there is more… a whole other dimension for decorative concrete – it’s walls!!

Think about it…the typical everyday exterior wall project will range anywhere from a common cinder block privacy wall to a plain gray concrete retaining wall….or even an older plastered block patio wall.  These could all be a potential candidates for some type vertical decorative coating.

If you’ve been looking at a vertical eye sore – a wall that is painted or just plain gray concrete, then it is time to MAKE A CHANGE to decorate the vertical canvases in the places you live, work, and play!

Within the past few years leaders in the decorative concrete industry, like Sundek, have developed a whole new spectrum of products and tools that are capable of creating some incredibly authentic effects for the decorative treatment of walls – both interior and exterior.

SunStamp with SunH20 afterSunStamp with SunH20 before


The incredible news is that decorative coatings can go right over existing dry wall surfaces and more!

  • A vertical coating material thickness can range from nearly paper thin to build up of 2-3 inches depending on the desired effect.
  • The most practical and cost effective effects will be around ¼”-½’ thick simulating the looks of brick and stone.
  • Some wall projects may require some extra engineering to ensure long term performance and your Sundek sales representative can advise you on the best method which could include some basic stucco preparation such as metal or fiber lath and a base coat.
  • We have done wood plank effects that look like the real thing with knot holes and definitely termite proof!! Ha!


Cool Industry Trend:  A new generation of artisans have spawned using concrete to mimicking “Mother Nature.”  One of these amazing artisans is Nathan Giffin, a long time friend to Sundek. Nathan's company, Vertical Artisans, created this concrete tree that looks so real!!

Cool Industry Trend: A new generation of artisans have spawned using concrete to mimicking “Mother Nature.” One of these amazing artisans is Nathan Giffin, a long time friend to Sundek. Nathan’s company, Vertical Artisans, created this concrete tree that looks so real!!

These awesome walls incorporate some of the existing horizontal materials and tools that are already used on exterior decorative concrete decks and interior floors today.  At Sundek, we’ve engineered our proprietary formulas to work in the vertical dimension and defy gravity.

As I always say, choose your contractor carefully. Use my blog checklist to select your vertical project contractor too! Vertical work requires much more of a craftsman / artisan to achieve the realistic looks of stone and other masonry effects.  Walls really stand out from street level and you’ll want to ensure your  contractor is working with quality materials and has quality installers who are experience with vertical application to achieve the realistic look, like Sundek can!


Dress up those retaining walls, cinder block walls, and old painted walls.  Have a Sundek Representative come bid your vertical decorative project.  Explore the possibilities of a Sundek wall to tie into your Sundek flooring – bringing the look all together!!

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What Good Looks Like….YOU deserve BETTER….

Sundek Decorative

As a follow-up to my blog onChoose Wisely! Top 10 List – Selecting a Decorative Concrete Contractor, I wanted to take a deeper dive into you, the customer, and your expectations of a service provider.


Why? Because only the best contractors understand what the wise customer expects and demands when they trust their “castle” to a complete stranger for repair or enhancement work.


In any construction service there are those special contractors who stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. These contractors go beyond the basics…providing not good service, but GREAT service.


SUNDEK has been in the decorative concrete industry for over 40 years. We are privileged to listen and learn our customer’s expectations. SUNDEK would like to share a few of those learnings and assist you in selecting your next contractor.

[ultimatetables 1 /]



The Bottom Line:  I hope this grid is helpful in setting expectations with a contractor (decorative concrete or any other for that matter!)  The main arena where you can separate the good, the bad, and the ugly is in a contractor’s behavior.

All contractors have experienced hiccups with a job from time to time, whether it is of their own doing or weather-related or otherwise.  What matters is how the contractor responds to the situation and addresses in fairness to all parties. This is a great question to ask previous clients when you visit their referrals!  Good luck!


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Time Lapse Video – Liberty Plaza Commercial Project (Dallas, TX) Sundek Decorative Concrete

Sundek Decorative Concrete Transform Your Home or Business

Sundek Decorative Concrete  
Project: Liberty Plaza Commercial Project (Dallas, TX)
Sundek Dealer:  All Texas Decks

As a follow-up to my last blog about “What to Expect During Your Sundek Decorative Concrete Installation,” here is a great time lapse video showcasing the transformation of a commercial project.  As you can see it is ugly concrete transformed into a magnificent space!  Thanks to our Sundek dealer in Dallas, Texas (All Texas Decks) for capturing this footage on this April 2014 project.  Enjoy!