9 Ideas for a Concrete Front Steps Makeover

Discover creative concrete front step ideas to make a great first impression at your home or business.

For those who have steps leading up to their home or business, functionality is obviously a main priority, but we know that beauty is also important! Below, we offer ideas for giving your steps a makeover to create a beautiful entrance that also meets the functionality requirement.

1. Add Texture

A textured overlay can transform steps and walkways. Not only does it create interest for the eye, it’s also a safety feature, making the surface more slip resistant.

Here, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing (DCR) in St. Louis, MO, resurfaced this walkway and steps using Classic Texture and custom scorelines. The neutral color complements the home’s exterior nicely, creating an aesthetically pleasing first impression for the homeowners and all who visit.

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2. Enhance the Color

By simply adding color to your concrete steps and/or walkway, you can drastically improve the look of your front yard and home.

Here, SUNDEK of Nashville used SunAcid to color this stairway in Franklin, TN, creating a bold color that contrasts the neutral stone of the home and even makes the grass appear more vivid than plain gray concrete.

3. Get Artistic

We love helping our customers make their visions come to life.

Here, the customer wanted more than just a monotone set of steps leading up to their residence in Galloway, TX. Using coatings, SUNDEK of San Antonio was able to create a beautiful walkway/stairway that’s a piece of art on its own but manages to be subtle enough—so it complements rather than overshadows the beauty of the home’s exterior.

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4. Create the Look of Stone

Did you know that with concrete overlays, experienced coating contractors such as SUNDEK-authorized installers can create the look of stone? That allows you to get the look of natural stone without the price tag. Bonus: You’ll also get the durability of concrete! Using the right coating and a strategic combination of colors, we can mimic the look of slate, flagstone, limestone and more.

At this residence, SUNDEK of Austin transformed the front steps and porch from dull to elegant using SunStone.

5. Get the Look of Brick

Do you love the idea of a brick stairway or pathway but don’t love the idea of doing the brickwork (or paying for the labor that comes with hiring someone to do the brickwork)? You’re not alone! A coating that mimics the appearance of brick is a great solution. Having a coating applied is less expensive than paying for brickwork—and it also lasts longer, too, since you don’t have to worry about bricks cracking, chipping or getting knocked out of place over time.

For this residence in Brentwood, TN, SUNDEK of Nashville used Classic Texture in multiple colors to create the look of brick. In addition to being beautiful, the product also creates a surface that doesn’t get slippery when wet, making it a safe spot to walk, even when it’s rainy.

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6. Mimic the Look of Wood

Our clients are often amazed that we can create the look of wood flooring using our concrete coatings. Coatings are a great way to get the look of wood without the concern of termites, wood rot, and water damage. With our custom coloring, we can create the look of any type of wood, dark or light.

Here, SUNDEK of San Antonio renovated this set of stairs using our Tuscan overlay with a wood plank effect. In between the neutral-toned stone walls, the stairs add a very rich color that emphasizes the beauty of its surroundings.

7. Use Aggregate Effects

With coatings you can create the look of exposed aggregate concrete or granite. To achieve this, SUNDEK contractors spray multiple speckles of different colors of acrylic finishing coat. This technique adds character to the surface, and it’s also a great way to hide dirt and grime—perfect for surfaces that get a lot of foot traffic. Another bonus of Aggregate Effects is that it creates a texture that makes the surface slip resistant.

The owners of Station Square office building in Silver Spring, MD wanted beautiful yet functional stairs that could handle heavy use. SUNDEK of Washington created safe, attractive stairs using aggregate effects for the many employees who use them weekly.

8. Coordinate Your Stair Design with Its Surroundings

Sometimes our clients want their stairs to just coordinate with their surroundings—other times they want them to match their surroundings. No matter which you prefer, we can make it happen. With our custom designs and color-matching abilities, we can make just about any design wish come true.

Here, SunStamp and water-based stains were used to create textured, colored steps that complement the home's stucco facade and stone entry pillars.

9. Include Fun & Whimsy

You might want something simple and straightforward for your steps, and we can make that happen for you. But we know some of our clients want something a little out of the ordinary—and we can also do that!

At Ladera Elementary School, SUNDEK of San Antonio created a fun set of steps that incorporates a variety of colors, perfect for kids.

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