Scored Concrete Floors & Patios Disguise Cracks

How SUNDEK’s Custom Scoreline Effect is used to transform old, cracked concrete

SUNDEK’s Custom Scoreline Effect was created in 1990, and it has been perfected ever since. This scored concrete technique allows clients to resurface their old, cracked concrete without having to worry about reoccurring cracks in their new surface.

What is scored concrete?

Instead of trying to fight the inevitability of cracks, we work with them, incorporating them into a beautiful design. Concrete scoring patterns are organic and often mimic the look of joints between natural stones.

Scored concrete floors and patios can be further customized with texture and color. Stained and scored concrete is a popular choice because the color variations look quite natural.

How to score concrete

Here’s an overview of how SUNDEK contractors create beautiful designs out of unsightly cracks:

  1. Open each crack with a grinder wheel.
  2. Use a grinder to create scorelines on the rest of the surface, creating a pattern.
  3. Fill scored cracks with urethane sealant to prevent water and debris from getting inside. (This also helps blend the original crack in with the new scorelines.)
  4. Apply a SUNDEK finishing coat, which are available in a variety of colors.

The idea is to think of the existing cracks as “Mother Nature’s expansion joints”—cracks that are just doing their job in controlling the natural expansion and contraction movement of the concrete.

Can the Custom Scoreline Effect be used with other SUNDEK systems?

Yes! We can incorporate this effect into most any other SUNDEK coating, but it is most often used with SUNDEK's Classic Texture.

Contact your local SUNDEK dealer to inquire about using the Custom Scoreline Effect on your surface (quotes are free!).

View the Custom Scoreline Effect brochure.

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