Converting a Tennis Court or Concrete Slab to Pickleball Courts

At Lumberton Sports Complex, SUNDEK Commercial Contracting converted a concrete slab into two pickleball courts.

Though it’s been around for decades, pickleball’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past few years. With more and more people interested in the sport, the demand for courts has subsequently increased. All around the country, SUNDEK installers have been converting concrete slabs into pickleball courts for homeowners and commercial property owners. Below, we share information about the process provided by Kevin Toczek, SUNDEK’s Director of Training & Technical Support and owner of Big Red Decorative Concrete in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Creating a More Useable Space

Many property owners are looking to make the most of rarely used spaces by converting them into pickleball courts. For example, “we’re hearing from empty-nesters who want to replace their basketball court that their grown kids are no longer using with a pickleball court,” says Kevin.

It’s not just homeowners making the switch. Apartment owners, hotels, cities, and private clubs are among many locations converting spaces—tennis courts, basketball courts, and/or other large unused concrete slabs—into something that will be used more frequently.

At an apartment complex in Wichita, SUNDEK of Wichita converted this concrete slab into two pickleball courts.

Pickleball courts take up less space than tennis courts, so in some cases cities or other private recreation clubs are opting to convert just a few tennis courts in their sportsparks into pickleball courts, allowing them to offer more options for visitors.

Converting existing concrete into a pickleball court

The great news is, if you want a pickleball court at your home or property, you don’t necessarily have to have more concrete poured in order to get it.

Resurfacing is a great option that involves applying a new layer over the existing surface, which can be tailored specifically for pickleball. This method is cost-effective, quicker, and less disruptive than pouring new concrete, while still providing a durable and high-quality playing surface.

Pickleball court size

According to the USA Pickleball Official Rule Book, the playing surface of a pickleball court is 30 by 60 feet. As long as you have a concrete slab that can accommodate the playing area, you can get lines for a pickleball court on the surface.

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The Process: Concrete slab to pickleball court

How the process is completed depends on what the property owner is looking for. “Some people just want the colors and lines,” says Kevin, “but others want an official certified surface.” SUNDEK can do both. Here’s a general overview of the process SUNDEK follows when converting a concrete slab to a pickleball court.

  • Surface preparation. This step includes making sure the surface is even to avoid tripping hazards. Installers will also resolve any spots where there is cracking or chipping. “Depending on the state of the surface, it’s possible that we will apply an overlay so the court is smooth and doesn’t have imperfections,” says Kevin.
  • Option 1: Cushion coat (SunCourt system). For those who want a high-end certified surface, SUNDEK applies the SunCourt system, which is a cushion coat. The cushion coat provides a more comfortable playing experience and is more forgiving on joints than straight concrete. With this option, the color is incorporated into the cushioned coating.
  • Option 2: Finish coat (SunColor system). For those who don’t opt for the certified surface with added cushion support, SUNDEK can provide color and lines to the concrete surface.
Using the SunOne coloring system, Big Red Decorative Concrete in Kansas City, MI, refinished this concrete surface that doubles as both a pickleball and volleyball court.

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At SUNDEK, we’ve been resurfacing concrete for decades. We have contractors all across the country ready to convert your concrete slab into a pickleball court–or help out with any other project you have in mind.

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