Stunning Custom Concrete Overlays at Island Waterpark in Atlantic City

SUNDEK of Washington and SUNDEK National Accounts resurfaced 78,000 square feet of concrete to create gorgeous surfaces for a new attraction at the Showboat Resort.

While developing plans for Island Waterpark at Showboat Resort in Atlantic City, Tower Investments LLC was searching for the perfect flooring. The new waterpark, which was sited to be built right next to the Showboat Casino, would be the world’s largest beachfront indoor waterpark. For this large space, they needed a functional surface that would be safe, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Aesthetics were also a high priority—they wanted something special. SOHS Architects, the designers on the project, suggested Tower Investments look into SUNDEK as a potential contractor to install the surfaces.

Watch this 3-minute video that details the project and provides a closer look at the work.

To see some of SUNDEK’s work, Tower Investments took a trip to visit Epic Waters, an indoor waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas, which ATD Concrete Coatings had recently completed. After touring the site, Tower Investments knew this was precisely the type of flooring system they wanted. James Rockar, project executive at Tower Investments, reached out to Rae Cerasoli, SUNDEK’s Commercial Decorative Concrete Specialist, telling her that they wanted SUNDEK to install the surfaces for their project. From there, conversations began, with all parties discussing how SUNDEK could help Tower Investments achieve the look they had in mind for the one-of-a-kind waterpark.

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Over the course of the next two years, James, Rae, and Bob Miller, President of SUNDEK of Washington, worked together over Zoom calls, telephone calls, and numerous site visits to discuss and finalize project details. SUNDEK provided many samples, making revisions and changes until all stakeholders were thrilled with the final plan. After several design changes, bids, rebidding, contractor site meetings, union agreements, and other logistics, final contracts were signed.

An arial view of Showboat Resort in Atlantic City, NJ.
Throughout much of the park, including in this dining area next to the lazy river, SUNDEK crews installed a Tuscan finish in the Palos Verdes design.

When all design discussions were complete, the plan was for SUNDEK to install several systems. Most of the space would be resurfaced using Tuscan, a durable, customizable overlay. In most areas, it would be laid out in a Palos Verdes design, which mimics the look of flagstone. In other areas, Tuscan would be customized using a Wood Plank technique. This area was especially important to the owner of the waterpark who wanted to mimic the look of the Atlantic City boardwalk.

For the adult pool deck, SUNDEK would use Classic Texture. This overlay is one of SUNDEK’s most popular, and definitely the most commonly requested solution for pool decks and waterparks. This knockdown texture is known for its comfort, durability, and slip-resistance.

By creating the same pattern in several different colors throughout the park, SUNDEK was able to to distinguish areas and add visual interest.
It was important to the owners of Island Waterpark that SUNDEK mimic the look of the wood plank of the Atlantic City boardwalk to evoke a sense of place within the waterpark—an effect SUNDEK achieved beautifully.

Because their coatings would be one of the final steps in the completion of this large-scale project, SUNDEK crews needed to wait until all other trades involved were off the surface before they could get in and do their thing. As is often the case, this often results in a compressed window of time to get the surface work done. By the time SUNDEK crews could access the surface, they were very crunched for time, and the schedule required 14 consecutive nonstop double-shift workdays for crews. Along with Bob, Guadalupe Velasquez and Mauel Nunez managed the installation from start to finish with crews from SUNDEK of Washington and SUNDEK National Accounts working from 8am to midnight.

At the adult pool, SUNDEK installed a Classic Texture finish.
Dining spaces were also coated with Tuscan and customized in a Wood Plank design that complements the wood plank meant to mimic the boardwalk but differs enough to visually differentiate the spaces from one another.

Despite hurdles such as 10 onsite change orders and several design changes, the 32-person crew managed to resurface 78,000 square feet in just two weeks. Frank Orman, vice president of construction and project management at E.P. Guidi, Inc, another contractor on the project, says of SUNDEK crews, “In all my years of construction, I have never witnessed an installation operation like SUNDEK. Despite the many obstacles and everything thrown at the team, there was not one thing they couldn’t deal with. There was never a complaint or missed beat. It was simply amazing.”

More photos of Island Waterpark at Showboat Resort

A closeup view of the detail work completed with Tuscan coating customized with a wood plank design.
A closeup view of the Tuscan coating customized in the Palos Verdes design, which was used in several colors throughout the park.
A walkway that runs along the lazy river at the waterpark, designed with Tuscan in Palos Verdes finish.
Another dining area, distinguished by a Tuscan coating in the Palos Verdes design.
Waterslide exist areas and walkways in two different shades of gray.
The Palos Verdes design is beautiful in its own right but also complements the rock waterpark features nicely.

Before & after pictures:

To honor the location, the owner requested that SUNDEK mimic the look of the wood plank found on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
(Click image for larger version)

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