Decorative Concrete & Design Trends for 2024

Making sure your space feels just right for you, rather than focusing on the latest trends is important. But, it's always cool to see what's new and get some fresh ideas. So, what's hot in 2024? We've got the scoop on the latest design ideas and popular decorative concrete styles. Let's take a look at how SUNDEK surfaces fit into the mix this year.

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Including Greenery in Outdoor Surfaces

Nature-inspired design continues to rank high, so it’s no surprise that concrete with cutouts for living material is currently so popular. Clients are finding that it’s a great way to break up the look of concrete. One might think that you must start from scratch to create this look, but that’s not always the case. At SUNDEK, we can work with your existing slab and create cutouts to plant grass, or groundcover in between (see Concrete Pavers with Grass In-Between).

See more of SUNDEK of San Antonio’s concrete-grass design, shown here.

At this backyard in New Braunfels, TX, SUNDEK resurfaced the existing patio area (at left) and the brand-new pool deck.
Using SunStone, SUNDEK of Houston resurfaced this pool deck to give it the appearance of slate for this backyard in Houston, TX.

Getting the Look of Authentic Materials with Concrete

With all the new materials, updated technology, and refined processes in the decorative concrete world, it’s possible for experienced contractors to create the look of natural materials with coatings that look surprisingly realistic. In fact, at a residential backyard in Houston, Texas, a family who had a slate pool deck was unhappy with the surface that got way too hot to walk on comfortably during summer. They called upon SUNDEK of Houston for options. SUNDEK resurfaced the deck, giving it the appearance of slate (shown here, see more of this project).

Many clients are opting for decorative concrete to create the look of stone on their pool decks, the look of wood on their porches, and more. This solution is often preferred over using the actual material because it typically ends up being less expensive and more durable.

See how we create the look of other materials with stamped overlays.

See how we can make concrete look like wood.

Having Fun with Design

When you’re working with the right contractor, you can dream big when it comes to design ideas. An experienced contractor will either help you make it happen or work with you to figure out something that’s doable and within your budget, all while achieving the overall goals for your project.

For the climbing wall at the Children’s Garden at Butler Park in Austin (shown here), the designer knew they wanted something artistic and original. After several discussions and mockups, they decided on a camouflage design that includes animals such as geckos, coyotes, and birds.

At the Alliance Children’s Garden in Butler Park in Austin, TX, SUNDEK of Austin resurfaced this climbing wall to create a beautiful and functional spot for kids to enjoy and explore.
At the Specialty Shops at SouthPark in Charlotte, NC, the concrete was failing at two entrances to the shopping center. Rather than tearing it all out, they called on SUNDEK National Accounts and SUNDEK of Charlotte to resurface the areas, creating an eye-catching focal point for visitors.

Being Eco-friendly

When homeowners or commercial property owners have a slab of concrete that needs an update, all too often they think they need to resort to tearing the entire slab out and starting from scratch. But that’s not always the case! In many situations, resurfacing, staining, or repairing your concrete surface is a much better option. Taking this approach is more environmentally friendly than demolishing your concrete, which requires you to dispose of lots of perfectly good concrete and use up additional resources. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, opting to use the concrete slab you already have saves money, time, and the huge mess that comes along with a demo job.

Learn more about alternatives to concrete demo.

Incorporating Geometric Designs

There’s a reason geometric designs have been popular for ages–they’re visually appealing and offer a clean aesthetic. Depending on the patterns and colors used, you can use geometric designs to create a variety of looks ranging from calm and subtle to busy and fun. Since a geometric design requires precision, it can create a feeling of balance and harmony when executed properly.

At a luxury apartment complex in Centreville, VA, SUNDEK of Washington created a gorgeous pool deck (shown here) that displays a geometric pattern that’s beautiful to view up close or from the window of the surrounding apartments. See more of this project here.

SUNDEK of Washington crews exemplified serious attention to detail while hand-taping each of the 12- by 12-inch squares that make up this geometric patterned pool deck at the Emerson in Centreville, VA.

Expanding Outdoor Hangout Spots

We all know that more and more people are seeing the value of having a nice spot to spend time with others outdoors. Some are creating brand-new outdoor spaces while others are working on improving the outdoor areas they already have. For clients who want a larger footprint for their outdoor space, we’re always happy to share that expanding the size of their concrete slab is possible. With decorative concrete coatings, we can make it impossible to tell where the original concrete ends and the additional concrete begins! Learn more about extending a concrete slab.

Investing in the Future

Rather than opting for cheaper solutions that need to be replaced or fixed in a couple years down the road, homeowners and commercial property owners are thinking hard about longevity by investing in high-quality surfaces that’ll last for decades. Decorative concrete coatings are not only durable, they’re also beautiful and can be customized to fit any design. Additionally, they are known for being slip resistant, easy to clean, and staying comfortable for bare feet, even on the hottest summer days. All these qualities, plus more, make decorative concrete surfaces a worthwhile investment.

Learn about concrete resurfacing cost.

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