4 Ways to Create Installation Art with Decorative Concrete

If you need a durable finish that’s built to last, it doesn’t have to look utilitarian. With decorative concrete and other types of coatings, homeowners and business owners can have a surface that’s truly a work of art. Thanks to the variety of products available, an artistic decorative concrete design can be created in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Below are several inspiring ways to get a beautiful surface using coatings or stains. These were installed as a result of creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and a superior products.

1. Create an Elegant Marbled Effect

For many, seeing a metallic epoxy floor for the first time is a jaw-dropping experience. With metallic epoxy coatings, an experienced contractor such as SUNDEK can create a stunning marbled effect on your surface. Since you can choose the amount of metallic you want mixed in, you can make it look as subtle or dramatic as you like. There are also different colors to choose from, ranging from silvers to bright colors. These variables make it easy to find a metallic epoxy design that’s perfect for your space.

At Anodamine’s corporate office in Lago Vista, TX, SUNDEK of Austin applied a metallic epoxy flooring, creating an elegant look throughout the building.
In Castroville, TX, SUNDEK of San Antonio installed this custom logo for the Medina Valley Panthers.

2. Customize Your Design

When considering the possibilities for overlays, think beyond monochrome. Whether you’re a sports fan who wants the logo of your favorite team on your basement floor or a school site who wants your mascot on your gym floor, you can get a surface that’s unique to your site.

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3. Don’t Shy Away from Whimsical

If you have a creative idea, discuss it with your contractor. An experienced, talented contractor will be happy to discuss how to make your ideas happen in a way that will look elegant and polished. SUNDEK installers love to consult with customers about ways to make their spaces unique and fun. The variety of colors, patterns, and textures available with decorative concrete make the design opportunities endless—so don’t put limitations on your ideas!

Get a tour of the Alliance Children’s Garden in Austin where SUNDEK of Austin created beautiful spaces with fun details that encourage exploration.

At the Alliance Children’s Garden at the Butler Metro Park in Austin, TX, SUNDEK of Austin contractors worked with TBG Partners to create a beautiful space with fun details that encourage exploration.
This gorgeous surface at Mission Concepción Park in San Antonio, TX, is a result of the collaborative efforts of SUNDEK of San Antonio, artist Stacy Levy, and Blazing Lazer Art & Engraving.

4. Explore Your Artsy Side

Think of a concrete surface as your canvas and coatings as your paint—there are essentially no limitations when it comes to beautifying a surface with coatings. (And when you work with a contractor who uses quality products, you get a surface that’s stunning and durable.) With decorative coatings, being able to customize colors, texture, and patterns opens a world of design opportunities.

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