6 Best Concrete Pool Deck Finishes

What are the best finish options for new and existing pool decks?
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Having a pool is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your outdoor space. There is nothing better than spending a hot day lounging poolside with friends and family. In order to maximize the appearance and safety of your outdoor pool, be sure to choose the right concrete pool deck coating.

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Finish Options for Concrete Pool Decks

If you are looking for the best material to use in your concrete pool deck, you can count on SUNDEK to offer the greatest variety. Below you will find an overview of some of SUNDEK’s top pool deck finishes to help you make your choice.

  1. Classic Texture – SUNDEK’s Classic Texture overlay is one of the most popular options for around a swimming pool because it is easy to apply and offers durability, safety and is comfortable for bare feet. This overlay is typically applied by spraying the acrylic onto the surface then knocking it down with the edge of a trowel to create texture.
  2. SunSand – The SunSand system is ideal for pool decks because it combines the durability and easy maintenance of concrete with the slip resistance of sand. This pool deck finish consists of a water-based acrylic coat combined with glass beads, aluminum oxide, or other fine aggregates to enhance the slip resistance – it also helps protect the surface against weather and environmental pollutants.
  3. SunH20 – The SunH20 system from SUNDEK is a type of water-based concrete stain that is perfect for outdoor applications. This concrete dye offers excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces, and it can be layered with multiple colors for a unique appearance. The SunH20 dye is typically applied with a pump sprayer then sealed with a clear coating.
  4. SunStamp - A stamped concrete overlay can be used to recreate the look of natural stone, wood, brick and more. When combined with different coloring options, your pool deck will have an authentic look and texture.
  5. SunStone - This architectural limestone concrete coating produces a unique natural appearance. Use it around your swimming pool to get the look and feel of real quarried stone without the investment. Trained artisans apply the coating and customize it with hand-carved designs and coloring.
  6. SunClear EcoProtect – This clear protective concrete sealer is a great finish option for pool decks because it makes the surface easy to clean and maintain, plus it helps the concrete withstand wear and tear. The SunClear EcoProtect coating can be applied through spraying or rolling, and fine-grain aggregates can be added to ensure maximum slip resistance – this is very important for pool deck safety.

Want your pool deck to stay cool on hot days?

Many SUNDEK finishes fall under the category of cool pool deck coatings. We use texture and color to ensure your pool deck won't absorb too much heat.

Installing a new pool deck or resurfacing an existing one is no easy task. That is why you should trust the professionals at SUNDEK to do the job for you.  Not only does SUNDEK offer some of the best pool deck finishes, our experienced professional Dealers around the country will also install your new pool deck quickly and correctly.


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