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Project Name: Lakeshore Amenity Center

Project Address: 5935 Belfast Bend Court, Slidell, LA 70461

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The Lakeshore Amenity Center by DR Horton was a project that had been a long time in the making. We worked with two separate contractors and completed the project in four phases. The project first came to our office from one of our largest contractors, GW Oliver, who we work with on a daily basis.

The project was at first for us to install our Sundek Classic Texture Design, with our Premium Plus Finish Coat, on the newly proposed splash pad which measured 3,676 SF. The area called for a unique design developed by designers from DR Horton. The splash pad also called for three custom colors.

Once this project progressed a little, we were contacted by the General Contractor of the entire project to give him a bid on the pool deck and cabana area. Our salesman, Jeff, met with the contractor (Fourrier Construction) and sold the project. The total area for the pool deck was 18,699 SF and the Cabana was 2,140. That brought the total square footage of the project to be 24,515 SF, the largest in our company's history. The project started with the pool deck in April and finished with the splash pad at the end of June.

The work was not continuous but completed in four total phases. The reason they were completed in different phases was because of the COVID 19 pandemic that hit the entire world this past year. The project as a whole was restricted to less than twenty workers on the entire amenity area at a time. That included the construction of the actual building, water slides, pool, and playground area. If that was not challenging enough, we as a company had our own challenges to overcome. The first was the health and safety of our employees. There was a lot of concern from our employees with regard to COVID 19, so much so that we elected to close down our entire operation for three weeks in March. The project was delayed from the get go by us, because we did not feel comfortable coming back to work yet. We eventually resumed production after working tirelessly to make sure that the health and safety of our employees were our top priority and that all PPE was distributed daily to ensure that. The ramifications of this shut down put a toll on our overall schedule.

Like I mentioned earlier, this project was the largest in our company's history, so you add that to a three week shut down and we were behind the eightball for the rest of the season. Overall, this project was pretty favorable for us. The access was fantastic and the weather was fair for the duration of the project. The two contractors and DR Horton were very pleased with our work and we are already in conversations to continue installing Sundek's Classic Texture Design on all of their community pool projects.

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