Broom Finish Concrete Overlay Using SunRestore

When a broom finish is done well, the result is a surface with a beautiful texture. Learn more about what a broom finish is, what its benefits are, and how you can get a broom finish on your new or existing concrete surface.

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What is broom finished concrete?

A broom finish is created when a broom is brushed strategically over the top of concrete that is still wet, creating a beautiful texture.

What are the benefits of a broom finished surface?

Homeowners and commercial property owners like that it’s an affordable way to get a slip-resistant surface that looks great, too. If you’re looking for a subtle, simple surface that looks nice, this is a great way to get it without a high price tag.

Can you create a broom finish on existing concrete?

Yes. While a broom finish can be applied to a brand-new concrete surface, it can also be done on an existing surface that has minor damage or imperfections. If you have a viable concrete slab to work with, a coatings contractor such as SUNDEK can apply a coating and add a broom finish as the coating sets.

SUNDEK does this using SunRestore. SunRestore is a system that can be used on either a brand-new concrete slab or an existing slab to create the broom finish effect.

Where can a broom finish be applied?

With SUNDEK’s SunRestore system, Broom Finish can be applied in just about any location on a property:

How to create a broom finish

Here are the general steps SUNDEK takes to install a broom finish on an existing slab of concrete:

  • Clean concrete. Pressure wash the surface to remove all loose materials, dirt, and debris.
  • Prep surface. Using either an acid etch or grinder, create a bare surface so the new coating can adhere to it properly.
  • Repair. Address all cracks and spalling so that you can begin with a base that’s as sturdy as possible.
  • Apply primer coat. Using a sprayer or roller, put the primer on the clean concrete surface.
  • Apply coating. Pour coatings (both base coat and broom coat) onto the surface and spread it with an asphalt squeegee to make sure all areas are covered evenly.
  • Create the texture. Add texture by running the broom across the surface evenly. You can’t just use any broom to achieve this technique. You’ll need a concrete broom that’s intended for construction. Make sure to use a high-quality broom that will create the desired texture, evenly.
  • Finishing details. Grind or cut out joints and scrape and remove debris.
  • Apply sealer. Include sealer to protect the surface from staining and damage. Apply two coats in opposite directions for maximum coverage.
A before-and-after of a set of stairs in Walla Walla, WA, installed by Applied Concrete Coatings using SunRestore.
A before-and-after of a driveway resurfaced and broom finished with SunRestore by ATD Concrete Coatings.

Can I do a broom finish myself?

While it’s possible to achieve this textured finish as a do-it-yourself project, we highly recommend consulting a contractor. As with any job, contractors are familiar with the common pitfalls people encounter during these types of jobs. A broom finish effect can be deceiving because it’s a simple-looking finish, but achieving the clean look is more difficult than it seems. Ensuring complete coverage and avoiding wavy lines or areas that look uneven is tricky. It’s also important to use the right tools, which can be very costly for a DIYer who will only be doing this once. Experienced contractors such as SUNDEK are familiar with the process and what can go wrong.

Contractors near me who do broom finished surfaces

At SUNDEK, we’ve been resurfacing concrete for more than 50 years! We have contractors all across the country ready to to do a broom finish on your driveway, patio, walkway, or any other area of your property.

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