9 Concrete Patio Makeover Ideas

How to transform an ugly or damaged concrete patio into an inviting space

Gathering with friends and family outdoors is a treasured pastime. For many homeowners, an outdoor patio is where most get-togethers with friends and family happen. For many business owners, a patio serves as a central place for employees or customers to congregate and unwind. If you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I make my concrete patio more attractive?” here are some concrete patio makeover ideas.

  1. Clean your concrete surface. Not just with a broom or blower. Give it a deep clean. Power washing your concrete patio surface and removing stains can really improve its look. For information on how to clean your concrete slab and remove common stains, see our cleaning guide.
  2. Repair cracks or other damage. You should have a concrete contractor come out to assess any crack you see—no matter how small. Even a small crack can turn into a huge problem later if you don’t take care of it. Aside from how it will affect the appearance of your patio, a crack leaves your concrete surface vulnerable to water seeping in and causing issues—especially if you live in an area of the country where your concrete will go through the freeze-thaw cycle.
  3. Update your concrete patio color. With concrete staining, you can transform your ugly existing concrete into a stunning focal point. At SUNDEK, we have many colors available through concrete staining, so we can find a color (or colors) that fit your style perfectly, whether you want something bold or subtle. We can even do a combination of colors in a pattern of your choice. Contact a local SUNDEK contractor to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate. We can help make your vision a reality!
  4. Resurface your concrete. Your concrete patio may be at a point where even thorough cleaning or staining won’t help. Or maybe you’re just ready for an update and want to completely remodel. If you find yourself in one of those situations, you don’t have to start from scratch. With concrete patio resurfacing, a contractor can apply a concrete coating directly to the top of your existing surface and then design it to look the way you want. Resurfacing saves you the hassle and mess of demolishing your concrete. It’s also more cost effective and can be done quickly! At SUNDEK, we can complete most jobs in less than a week. Contact your local SUNDEK contractor to get a free estimate. We can also help you narrow down your design ideas.

    How much does it cost to redo a concrete patio?
  5. A concrete patio before and after resurfaced by SUNDEK of San Antonio.
  6. Add lighting. Although it’s a small, simple change, adding or upgrading your lighting can make a big difference in a backyard patio. There are many patio lighting ideas online, but here are just a few:
    • Hang string lights.
    • Include portable lamps that you can move around the patio depending on where you and your guests are hanging out.
    • Install uplighting at the base of nearby trees and large shrubs.
    • Get outdoor torches that can surround your patio space. If mosquitoes are a problem, look for torches with mosquito repellent for a dual-purpose solution.
    • Add a hanging lantern from your patio cover or pergola. (Be strategic about its location—avoid putting it in a location where people might hit their head on it!)
  7. Bring in plants. Hanging plants from your patio pergola or pavilion is an easy way to add a little pizazz to your space. Green foliage can serve to brighten things up (try including different shades of green), and colorful flowers create a cheerful vibe.

    If you don’t have a spot to hang plants from, try grouping containers of different heights in a corner. A grouping of terra cotta pots is classic, while a grouping of colorful pots is fun and eye-catching. Learn more about container gardening on GardenDesign.com.

    Décor tip: Use your patio plants to decorate for the holidays or create seasonal interest. For example, a large container with a wispy brown grass combined with several containers of plants that bloom in red, yellow, and orange tones would make a festive fall display.
  8. Make it comfy. Wrought-iron furniture is classic and beautiful, but most people find it uncomfortable to sit on unless they’re topped with comfy cushions. You and your guests will be more inclined to spend time out on your patio if your furniture is comfortable, so it’s worth the investment. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing outdoor furniture:
    • Choose furniture made of a durable material that won’t deteriorate if it gets wet or sits out in the sun. (Furniture covers are a worthwhile investment.)
    • Verify that cushions are made of fabric that’s UV-resistant and won’t fade after one season of use.
    • Try to find cushions that zip off so you can wash them rather than spot-clean them.
    • Think about what furniture you actually need. How many people typically use your outdoor space and how do you use it? If you don’t tend to eat outdoors, a dining set probably isn’t appropriate for your space. Instead, you might want to invest in lounge or sitting chairs.
    • Consider how people will interact and move about the patio space and then map out where to place the furniture. This will help you choose furniture that aptly fits your space.
    This fire pit was created to coordinate with the rest of the patio.
    Tip for a tight budget: Check second-hand stores and local marketplace websites for outdoor furniture that’s either inexpensive or free. If you’re willing to look a little, you can often find perfectly good furniture or furniture that just needs a little TLC. (Sanding, painting, and replacing cushions can make a world of difference.)
  9. Set up a sound system. Background music can serve to set the tone of your gathering, and including music in your patio area is fairly easy. There are a wide variety of options available ranging from a portable Bluetooth speaker to a wired system.

    Budget tip: Keep in mind that a small, portable Bluetooth speaker can easily move back and forth between indoors and out. It doesn’t have to be dedicated to one or the other. Just make sure to charge it regularly so you have enough battery life when you need it!
  10. Warm up. A fire pit significantly increases the amount of time you can spend in your outdoor patio. Options are endless—you can buy a reasonably priced fire pit that you can move around depending on where you need it, or you can opt for a built-in fire pit. If you decide to go with a built-in, keep in mind that SUNDEK can coat it and design it so that it matches the style of the rest of your patio. Contact a SUNDEK contractor near you to find out more.

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