Increase the Durability of your Garage Floor with an Epoxy Coating

Garage Floor Treatment

There can be no doubt about it; your garage floor is going to see a never-ending stream of abuse. Naturally, your automobiles are going to be traveling over it each and every day, and whatever fluids drip out of them while they’re parked overnight are only going to go one place – onto your garage floor. While concrete is itself quite durable, it’s not infallible. Over time, the constant abuse it’s subject to is going to take its toll.

That’s why many homeowners are looking for ways to treat their garage’s concrete floors. By doing so, they can dramatically increase the longevity of their garage floor, and they can also take a drab garage and make it brighter than it was. When considering a treatment for a garage floor, there’s simply no better solution than an epoxy coating.

Why Should I Use an Epoxy Coating on my Garage Floor?

Aside from the increased durability it gives your garage floor, there are other benefits:

  • Epoxy coatings, for one, are incredibly easy to clean. Whereas a plain concrete floor can stain easily, an epoxy coating prevents stains from sinking in, which means that they’re easy to wash away.
  • Did you know an epoxy coating can have health benefits, too? They can, as they’re designed to be antimicrobial, which prevents germs from festering on your garage floor.
  • With filler material, garage floor epoxy coatings can be made slip resistant. This is a great feature if you’re the kind of person that likes to do automotive work in your garage.
  • Epoxy is odorless, too, which means that you can cut down on that offensive “garage smell” that’s more common than it should be.
  • An epoxy coating can also be done with colors and patterns, which allows you to add some much needed life to your dingy garage. Maybe you’d like to color code his side and her side?

As you can see, epoxy coatings have a variety of benefits that make them ideal for garage floors.

How Do I Choose an Epoxy Coating for my Garage Floor?

Don’t immediately choose the most heavy-duty epoxy, as it will be in excess of what you need. While you garage floor sees a lot of traction, it’s not exactly an industrial work floor. Sundek makes an excellent epoxy coating that’s perfect for garage floors, and it’s called SunEpoxy 54. It’s an epoxy coating that can be easily installed and will provide years of stellar service.