Making Slippery Garage Floors Safer

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Slippery surfaces are a safety risk, and this is commonly an issue in garages, where rain, snow, and other liquids can be tracked onto your floor and increase the risk of sliding around. Whether you are a homeowner looking to make your slippery garage safer or you own an auto repair shop with a large garage area, there are some simple solutions to improve safety. There are numerous coatings and overlays you can add to the concrete surface of a garage floor, reducing the risk of people falling and injuring themselves.

Anti-Slip Coatings

One of the easiest things to do to make a slippery garage floor safer is to add an anti-slip coating on top. There are several variations of these, but most will add some sort of texture to the flooring. It is also possible to create a coating of your own using anti-skid additives. Certain coloring systems will also reduce the risk of slipping, such as SunFlek, which is available as a surface that is aggressively slip resistant.

Epoxy Sealants

Epoxy sealants can also dramatically improve the safety of slippery garage floors by reducing the risk of slipping. That is because epoxy coatings have a small element of natural texture that works to help with this issue. You can further add to the texture with color chips or even quartz beads to improve slip resistance.

Add Textured Overlay

While adding coatings and sealants to concrete garage floors can reduce their slipperiness, so can adding another layer of concrete in the form of an overlay—provided that you select the appropriate overlay. When using this solution, your goal should be to add texture to the floor, as the texture will stop people and objects from sliding around. SUNDEK overlays with the right texture pattern can withstand the constant heavy traffic of a garage. It's always a good idea to discuss options with a contractor before making a decision.

Other Options

SUNDEK can help with any of these affordable, long-lasting solutions for making your garage floor less slippery. In the meantime, if you need an immediate solution for slippery floors until the coating or overlay can be applied, consider adding mats or adhesives to strategic locations on the floor. Just keep in mind that adhesives may cause mild damage to the garage floor, but this can be easily remedied by applying one of the permanent solutions mentioned above.

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