Epoxy Floors For Home or Business

Epoxy flooring has a multitude of practical applications for businesses and even for residential use. In areas that get a lot of heavy traffic, or floors that take a lot of abuse, epoxy can provide years of durability.

If you’re a builder or an architect who’s working on a project with a homeowner, they may need to know the difference between a professional epoxy floor (which is, we assume, what you’re recommending), and a consumer product. Consumer products actually only coat over concrete – they don’t actually bond to it in the way that a professional product like Sundek’s SunEpoxy or SunOne bonds.

The problem with the consumer products is that they can crack, peel or chip. Also, the surface that is going to be coated has to be perfectly clean. Needless to say, that can be difficult if not impossible without the proper equipment.

A professional epoxy floor is durable, beautiful, and cost-effective. Even where traffic is heavy, the floor should last for a very long time. Homeowners may wish to install epoxy floors in bathrooms, garages, basement family rooms, and perhaps even in the kitchen. Epoxy flooring is great anywhere that a floor is likely to take a beating.

The variety in modern epoxy floors is outstanding. You can create all kinds of designs and patterns, even adding colored chips to create a sparkle effect. You can also think about techniques like staining or stenciling and using a clear epoxy as a sealer.. Another benefit is that you can add aggregates or grit if it’s important that the surface be non-slippery (as in, for instance, a bathroom).

Probably the most common use for epoxy floors is in the garage. Of course, many garages are not used with the intention of parking a car, but if it is, your client will be reassured by the knowledge that an epoxy floor is resistant to the heat from the car’s tires that could remove less quality epoxies.

The possibilities for epoxy floors in the home are many and varied, and it’s no different for businesses. Restaurants, automotive repair shops, Laundromats, retail outlets – virtually anywhere that gets heavy traffic or is vulnerable to damage can benefit from an epoxy floor.

Sundek has been in business for over 40 years, so you can be assured that we have a dealer near you who will be pleased to ensure that you have what you need to get the job done.