Acrylic Coatings from Sundek Bring Life to Outdoor Spaces

While a concrete patio can be attractive all on its own, it can really be brought to life through the application of an acrylic coating. Sundek offers a variety of acrylic coating solutions that are perfect for just about any design choices you might make when decorating an outdoor patio. They can be applied to generate interesting patterns that add dimension to outdoor spaces, or they can be applied to simply add a splash of color where appropriate. To meet the tremendous demand for acrylic coatings for outdoor concrete surfaces, Sundek is proud to offer two cost-effective and high quality solutions that are perfect for just about any situation.

SunColor: An Acrylic Water-Based Finish Coat

For an economical decorative concrete acrylic coating, you simply can’t do any better than SunColor. Applying this acrylic coating is incredibly simple, as the concrete must only be power washed and then treated with an epoxy primer before the application can be made.

There are a variety of concrete patio colors that can be chosen like a clean and classic Oyster White, as well as bolder colors like Peking Blue and Terra Cotta. If a simple color choice isn’t enough, then there are more options, as the acrylic coating can be combined with any Sundek effect, including masonry effects and aggregate effects. Once installed, the acrylic coating will offer years of worry-free service, which makes it ideal for those who want their outdoor spaces to be low maintenance.

SunSand: For a Textured Finish Coat

If you’re looking to add a bit of texture to your outdoor concrete surfaces, then the textured finish of Sundek’s SunSand acrylic finish is sure to meet your needs. It’s applied in the exact same manner as SunColor and its made of the same stuff, but there’s one crucial difference. An addition of glass beads or aluminum oxide is made to the acrylic coating before it’s applied. This is what gives the acrylic coating its textured, slip-resistant surface.

Like SunColor, there are a variety of colors to choose from when applying this acrylic coating, and it can also be combined with one Sundek’s many effects for creating a truly unique design. This product also has the same low-maintenance benefits as SunColor, which again makes it the ideal choice for those that don’t want to worry about making costly repairs to their outdoor patios and walkways.