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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

1st Place Stained Under 5000 SF

Project Name: The First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis
Project Address: 7200 Delmar Blvd University City, MO 63130
Total Square footage: 1665 square feet

The featured SUNDEK SunStain project greatly updated the sanctuary’s overall look and feel from their previous dated thick, heavy linoleum flooring. In addition to installing stain on their floor, they also envisioned a “prayer walk” feature. The “prayer walk” is essentially a labyrinth, which is to have a different color than the stained floor, in a pattern that included detailed lines as pathways for them to walk in prayer and meditation; it symbolizes the journeys of faith and life.

They created a design for us to follow that required much taping that was to be exact to the measurements provided. It would have been much more difficult if we would not have had our most experienced crew leader of 15 years doing this part because the measurements were changed once more by the church as he was laying it out. The project went along as expected except for the old linoleum removal and stain approval day. Ideally, we like to have everyone that makes the final decision on color there at once to approve so that it can then dry and be ready when we come back a day and a half later to continue with touch ups and sealer application.

However with this project their whole session (leadership board), which consists of over 100 people, was narrowed down to 10 people for stain approval day. This was tricky to schedule with all of them to ensure that they all could have their input and decide on the look of the stained final color. A decision was made that day as the crews compared their stain and labyrinth lines color samples (they prepped before we started the job as an aid to assist in this process) side by side. The next day we came back to do touch ups and sealer, there was a need for a color adjustment to be made according to the church session’s preference after looking at it even closer than they had on approval day. Even though this color adjustment delayed the project a few days due to re-staining and material dry times, we were still
able to get the project done so that the church only missed one Sunday of service. The entire church was amazed by the transformation and the church members are enjoying their new prayer walk feature in their services. It is so neat to see them enjoying their renovated space after all of our hard work!