SunLastic WP50

Protective waterproofing solution

SunLastic WP50 overview

SunLastic is a waterproofing product for residential and commercial projects that SUNDEK uses to provide a layer of protection against abrasion and water damage.

How it works

SunLastic WP50 is a fluid elastomeric waterproofing membrane, which, in simple terms, means it creates a stretchy layer that blocks water. After a surface is coated with WP50, it can be coated with any of SUNDEK’s decorative coatings, including SunLastic EPC35 to create a flexible waterproof surface.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to apply over irregular shapes unlike waterproofing sheets
  • Forms a monolithic, tightly adhering, molded waterproofing membrane across surfaces
  • Reduces reflective cracking caused by substrate movement
  • Safe for the environment
  • Thin film cross section does not interfere with building elevations
  • VOC compliant

Where to use it

Sunlastic WP50 is ideal for:

  • Using as a membrane below:
    • Seamless decks
    • Tile
    • Marble
    • other flooring
  • Below computer access floors
  • Mechanical equipment rooms
  • Waterproofing between slabs
  • …and more.

How it’s done

  1. The existing surface is prepared by repairing any damage and removing residue or paint.
  2. A coat of SunLastic WP50 is applied to the surface at the proper thickness.
  3. If necessary, an addition coating of SunLastic WP50 is applied.
  4. Desired decorative SUNDEK coating is applied.
  5. Sealer is applied.
  6. Water test to verify water resistance is conducted.

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