Architectural Microtopping

“Providing a fresh concrete canvas for your artistic expressions”

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SunCanvas Overview

Looking for a top-end flooring option that doesn’t break the bank? SunCanvas microtopping system is the solution! The multiple layers of polymer rich, integrally colored decorative concrete form a highly durable and nearly indestructible flooring surface. Like other Sundek systems, SunCanvas is available with infinite color and pattern design options, making it an optimal alternative for flooring in your home or business.


This system is the ideal solution for Commercial or Residential, helping you to achieve:

  • Marbled look floor designs
  • Stained flooring
  • Alternative to tile
  • Cover imperfections in concrete 
  • Seamless floors for kitchen & living areas
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resurfaced polished look
  • Easy maintenance & extremely durable

How it’s done: 

Our skilled artisans prepare your existing concrete by repairing any cracks or blemishes, readying the surface for the SunCanvas system. They first apply an epoxy-based layer of colored concrete as the base, followed by additional hand troweled layers in the integral color scheme selected. A final clear seal urethane topcoat is added to provide the chemical and abrasion resistance recommended for the typical floor.

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