Using Coatings for Vertical Applications

When you consider the potential for decorative concrete, don’t just look down! In addition to the ground you walk on, vertical surfaces can also be transformed into beautiful works of art.

SUNDEK can apply a decorative concrete coating to any vertical surface and then customize its look—just like any horizontal surface.

Frequently asked questions

What types of vertical surfaces does SUNDEK apply coatings to?

A decorative concrete coating can be applied to any viable concrete surface, but here are some of the vertical surfaces SUNDEK has beautified:
Concrete Stairs

  • Retaining walls
  • Planters
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Utility protection
  • Wainscoting

Does the surface have to be concrete?

No. In addition to concrete, SUNDEK has applied decorative concrete coatings over brick, stucco, drywall, and painted surfaces.

Vertical Concrete Wall

What are the design options?

Vertical surfaces offer the same design opportunities as horizontal surfaces. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. SUNDEK is also able to mimic the look of any other material you like such as wood, stone, brick, and others. If you’d like, you can coordinate your horizontal and vertical surfaces for a cohesive look.

Why decorative concrete is a good choice for vertical surfaces

In the same way that decorative concrete is an ideal material for the ground you walk on, its durability makes a good choice for vertical surfaces. Even though no one will be walking on it, you won’t get the same type of damage you see on materials like stucco and wood. With a high-quality sealer, the vertical surface won’t become warped over time by water, and termites won’t be an issue.

Concrete Sitting Wall


Maintaining the look of your vertical decorative concrete surface is very easy. The most important thing to do is get a high-quality sealer to make it non-porous. If you notice spots, you can use a sponge or washcloth to clean them up indoors, or a hose or pressure washer outdoors. For very stubborn spots, you can use a commercial cleaner, but just make sure it’s formulated for the surface and non-abrasive.

Medical Building

Why work with SUNDEK

We are industry leaders in the field of decorative concrete, and we’ve experienced just about any scenario you can come across while applying coatings. When working with vertical surfaces, it can be a bit more complicated than horizontal surfaces, so you’ll want to have experienced professionals completing your job. Since we’ve installed decorative concrete surfaces for more than 50 years, we have a network of trained, experienced, professional contractors that can work on your project.

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