SunRestore Quick Patch

Resinous Concrete Patching & Repair System

SunRestore QP Overview

SUNDEK’S SunRestore QP is a resinous concrete patching and repair system that allows our installation teams to quickly restore damaged concrete structures to their full service in hours. From pot hole repairs on a runway at DFW airport, to a restaurant walk-in freezer floor, to repairing the broken curbing along your front yard, this single product is the solution. This material works seamlessly with our industrial and decorative coatings to allow our teams to quickly make repairs, and move on to the next steps of the project.

A perfect solution for: 

  • Spalls in concrete
  • Broken curbs
  • Repair dock doors & bumpers
  • Level concrete
  • Form ramps to ease access to drain
  • Pot holes in concrete or asphalt
  • Restore worn edges along control joints
  • Reset bollards, posts and worn anchors
  • Provide non-skid wear surface on steps and walkways


  • Stocked as a 1 Gallon Kit packaged in a 5 Gallon Pail with all the components including the sand
  • Available in larger package quantities by special order for large repairs
  • SunRestore Accelerator is available separately • Withstands extreme abuse without cracking or de-bonding
  • Formulated for high early strength and quick set times
  • More than three times harder and stronger than concrete
  • Perfect as a “stand alone” repair or concealed under one of SUNDEK’s coatings


  • Avoid costly tear out and replacement by simply repairing
  • Avoid downtime with expedited repair and restoration to service
  • Use the accelerator to make repairs in subfreezing temperatures
  • From feather edge to deep holes, the repair is nearly indestructible
  • Can repair vertical and overhead problems easily
  • Allows you to repair and move on to the next step without delay


  • This single kit provides the repair solution to countless problems in the field
  • Downtime is reduced to minutes
  • Multiple trips to the job site due to dry and cure times are eliminated
  • Save Money! Avoids Tear Outs! Fast Setting with No Waiting!

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