Stamp Rehab

SunRestore - Stamp Concrete Rehab

“Restoring worn, old and damaged surfaces providing a 'make-over' to your existing decorative concrete .”

SunRestore Overview

SunRestore Stamp Concrete Rehab is a system providing a complete ‘make-over’ for stamped concrete. The system covers the spectrum from simple color enhancements and resealing to repairs and major rehabilitation. The end result is a new look that comes at a fraction of the cost of removing or replacing concrete.

Application Instructions

Minor Rehab Indoors

  • Surface is prepared, removing flaky sealer or topping, and de-glossing surface ·
  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Spray apply colored SunEpoxy (colored to customer desires)
  • Adjust coloration to meet customer approval using SunH20 and/or SunDye
  • Apply EcoClear or Finish Coat Clear

Minor Rehab Outdoors

  • Surface is prepared by sanding or acid wash
  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Spray apply colorant (Oxides, Stains or Dyes) · Adjust coloration to meet customer approval

Major Rehab

  • Surface is prepared by sanding, grinding or acid wash · Any required surface repairs are made
  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Prime the surface with SunEpoxy 54 or 400
  • Spray apply a new color base with Sundek Finish Coat
  • Stain or Dye to meet the customer design requirements
  • Seal with Sundek Finish Coat Clear or upgrade to EcoClear

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