The SUNDEK Approach

Get insights into the way SUNDEK works with their customers by watching these short video interviews (videos range from about 1-minute to 3-minutes long).

A People-First Mentality

At SUNDEK, it’s about much more than just our products. It’s about the people—the customers and contractors we work with—and how we can find the best solutions for their needs.

Making Sure We’re Right for You

Our salespeople aren’t typical. Rather than trying to sell you on our products, they’re focused on finding the best solutions for your project. This approach leads to a relationship between us and the client that’s built on trust.

Client Relationships

We strive to bridge the gap between the work and the person on the other end. We want our clients to know that we take pride in what we do and that we care about them as people and long-term customers.

Dependable Point of Contact

When you work with us, we set you up with a SUNDEK representative who stays with you throughout all stages of the process—from reviewing blueprints to walking the completed project with you.

Clear, Consistent Communication

When we work with clients, we make communication a priority. That means everyone involved with the project gets the same information, sees the same pictures, and there are no surprises.

Asking the Right Questions

If we’re unclear on what exactly a client wants out of a project, we ask questions until everyone is on the same page. This type of clarity leads to customer satisfaction at all stages of a project.

Creativity & Collaboration within Our Organization

Clients often come to us with ambitious ideas and they’re sometimes unsure if what they want is even possible. We pride ourselves in making it happen, and we attribute our success to our team’s ability to work well together.

Addressing Problems Head-On

In construction, it’s impossible to completely avoid any problems. But when they do occur, we’re always upfront and proactive about making it right. We like to assure our customers that we’ve been around a long time and aren’t planning on going anywhere.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Lifetime Fitness, a client of ours for about 15 years, is one of many of our long-term customers. Our relationship with them has reached a level of trust where they can give us just general information, and we work out the details—all within their timelines, budget, and scope.

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