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A show dedicated to bringing actionable ideas to Sundek professionals.
Hosted by Jim Peterson and Deidre Dann

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Ep. 13 Revisiting Best-Of Moments from the Sunway Podcast

At the 2024 SUNDEK Convention, Jim and Deidre discuss some of their favorite tidbits with previous podcast guests.

Ep. 12 Being Intentional with Your Time & Staying Organized with Rick Hubbard of SUNDEK of Austin

As General Manager at SUNDEK of Austin, Rick Hubbard has years of experience managing people, pricing jobs, tracking inventory, and more. Learn how he organizes his day and approaches tasks to reduce stress as much as possible. Also, get insights into why his employees stick around.

Ep. 11 Working On Your Business (Not Just In It) with Kevin and Beth Toczek of Big Red Decorative Concrete

Kevin and Beth Toczek of Big Red Decorative Concrete in Kansas City talk about what it means to work on your business and not just in your business. They also share how their company has managed to get such great reviews, a strategy that transformed their financial structure, and Kevin (SUNDEK’s National Production Manager/Trainer) shares the thing that makes a Sundeker a Sundeker.

Ep. 10 Incorporating Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience with Landon Snider

By strategically integrating technology into his day-to-day tasks, Landon Snider, sales associate for SUNDEK of San Antonio, effectively communicates with customers while maintaining the personal touch that SUNDEK is known for. Learn how he does it—and find out how he stays motivated, learns from others, and maintains a work-life balance.

Ep. 9 Setting Yourself Apart with Kimberly Elliott Baldwin

With so many competitors in the industry, how do you set yourself apart? Kimberly Elliott Baldwin, sales rep for ATD Concrete Coatings, has a few things to say on that topic. Learn about her customer-centric mentality, how she builds relationships with clients and colleagues, and why Tony Hernandez, CEO of ATD, calls her a “face-to-face contact, hand-shaking son of a gun.”

Ep. 8 Cultivating Customer Relationships with Rae Cerasoli

After 21 years with SUNDEK, Rae Cerasoli, Commercial Sales Representative for SUNDEK’s National Accounts, still loves being here. Cerasoli says a big part of that passion is her relationships with customers (and coworkers, too!)—find out how she builds and keeps these relationships going.

Ep. 7 Focusing on your bottom line with Don Snider

Don Snider, President of SUNDEK, has lots of good information to share about running a successful business, but his top piece of advice is to stay laser focused on knowing your costs. The best way to do that? Know your product. Listen to the podcast to hear from Don on these topics (plus the merits of good BBQ and setting aside time for relaxation!).

Ep. 6 How to Use LinkedIn Effectively with Lori Snider

Lori Snider, SUNDEK’s Director of Marketing and Dealer Recruitment, and Jim Peterson discuss how to use LinkedIn to spread the word about SUNDEK and stay in touch with customers, co-workers, and others in the industry.

Click on the link below to watch the video of the discussion where you can see some of the strategies demonstrated.

Ep. 5 Making the Most of Every Learning Opportunity with Jeff Burley

When Jeff Burley of Concrete Coatings Inc. of Louisiana was a salesperson, he learned as much as he could about the Sundek installation and production process. Now, as a manager, that desire for learning continues. Learn why Burley takes the time to gain knowledge from experts in a variety of professions and hear some of the best advice he received during his former career as a college football coach.

Ep. 4 Focusing on the People with Deidre Dann

Even after working with Sundek for over 16 years in a variety of roles, Deidre Dann, director of commercial sales, is still motivated and energetic about what she does. Her secret? Aside from eating a lunch of champions (tune in to minute 39 for more on that), the most important thing for her is her relationships with people she works with. As she puts it, “Sundek is what we all do. It’s why we’re all here. But we stay because of the care. We stay because of the heart.”

Ep. 3 Meeting Individual Customer Needs with Kevin Thiemer

Every customer is different, and that’s why Kevin Thiemer, sales representative for SUNDEK of Austin, adapts his approach for each new job. Learn the two crucial questions he asks at the first client meeting, why he considers himself more of an educator than a salesperson, and find out what it means to, as Thiemer’s wife puts it, “be a chameleon.”

Ep. 2 Creating a Positive Company Culture with Tony Hernandez

How did Tony Hernandez take the already successful ATD Concrete Coatings and significantly increase sales in just 5 years? If you ask him, it’s all due to the hard work of his team. But here, we dig into how Hernandez has created a company culture of knowledgeable, experienced staff that produces quality work—which has not only boosted ATD’s sales, but their reputation, too.

Ep 1. It’s All in the Details with Ross Hilz

Paying close attention to the world around him, whether he’s at a client’s home or a brewery, detail-oriented Ross Hilz is always thinking about how he can bring value to customers. In this episode, you’ll hear Hilz, Sales representative for SUNDEK of Nashville, share insights into how he approaches his work.

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