Concrete & Decorative Concrete Stains

Semi translucent concrete colorations that are applied topically to cement based surfaces to provide a natural mottled variegation and look. They are often used with SUNDEK systems such as SunStone, SunStamp, TUSCAN & SunCanvas.

Scored and Stained Concrete FloorSunAcid – Reactive Acid Stain

“Mirror natures colors with Sundek’s natural acid stains .”

An acid-base penetrating reactive stain that creates a translucent look by reacting with the minerals and salts in concrete.

conv.2005 pic's 1 045SunH2O – Water-Based Concrete Stain 

 A water-based stain system that can be layered and combined with a variety of colors to create a customized look not always possible with acid stains.

SunDye – Liquid Concrete Dye 

 A fast-drying  liquid concrete dye whose ease of application and vibrant colors make it a popular choice for coloring concrete.