2020 Project of the Year (Commercial)

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Sundek of Nashville

Project Address:   One Club Dr. Nashville TN, 37215

Richland Country Club reached out to Andy Guy and Sundek of Nashville when they started the $22,000,000.00 renovation of their facility. The relationship between the club and SON dates back to 1988 when SON first applied Classic Texture to the pool deck. The board members were very familiar with our product and wanted to transform their 20-year old traditional award winning basketweave brick classic texture pattern into the more modern Sunstamp slate pattern. The board had selected some stone pavers for another section of the club and asked us to match the color and size of the pavers as well as submit a sample for approval. We decided to send the crew to the club with sample boards so that they could replicate the pavers as accurately as possible. With a few modifications, the sample was approved and the production schedule was finalized (Modification means: paint all grout lines by hand with finish coat after applying Sunstain to the SunStamp pattern). The logistics of the challenging project included working while the country club was fully functioning, under renovation by multiple other trades, and required use of a boom lift to rebuild and resurface the face of the rear balcony.

The two-month long project started with grinding off the old Sundek from the front entrances, porte cochere, and rear balcony. The crew proceeded to install the SunStamp on the three front entrances as well as the porte cochere. The following weeks saw them move to the rear balcony and repeat the process. As the first month on the project came to and end, the 12,000 sq. ft. Classic Texture pool deck was a welcome respite from all the detail work the slate pattern had required. After completing the pool deck, the crew mobilized one last time to complete the terrace. The terrace required waterproofing since there was occupied space below and our Sunlastic waterproofing membrane was applied. The Sunstamp was installed over the waterproofing and the project came to a close.

When we arrived on the last day to conduct a walk through with the General Manager of the club, he stated “I’ve watched your guys work here for eight weeks and there is no need to walk the project. I have walked it every day and your guys don’t make mistakes, send me the bill.” The crew installed 12,000 square feet of classic texture, tackled over 6,000 square feet of removal, and applied the custom SunStamp design with two different deadlines created by the club after the contract was signed. Our Nashville
installers worked tirelessly and met both deadlines in spite of significant weather and logistical challenges.