Using Decorative Concrete to Replicate Train Tracks in a Boy’s Bedroom

Decorative concrete color flakes

Decorative concrete color flakes

What little boy would not love having his own set of train tracks in his bedroom? While this might seem like a farfetched idea, this design, as well as many others, can be achieved using decorative concrete. When the appropriate product and technique are used, the results are extremely realistic.

For this particular design, you have an abundance of color options, although the two that typically work the best are a gray decorative concrete surface coupled with various shades of black and gray to create the tracks and a marbled deep brown to create the wooden crosspieces. Of course, there is no reason that you have to limit yourself to those color options. Be as creative and colorful as you want.

To create train tracks for your boy’s bedroom, epoxy floors work great. In addition to being available in numerous colors, this type of decorative concrete produces a gorgeous shiny finish that makes the tracks stand out even more. Epoxy flooring offers many additional benefits, such as being strong, durable, long lasting, highly resistant to multiple things, and even comfortable to walk and play on.

Stained decorative concrete is yet another option. In addition to being durable and strong, like epoxy, stained concrete is also vibrant and easy to maintain. Available in water- and acetone-based solutions, stains come in a huge variety of colors. While there are many great products on the market, one that stands out is SunDye.

As you can imagine, there is a definite skill associated with creating train tracks for a boy’s bedroom. By hiring a professional who has special experience and expertise working with decorative concrete in this way, you will be amazed and your son will be beyond thrilled.