Tutti Frutti

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Sundek of Washington 

2014 Second Place Epoxy-Polyaspartic Flooring Under 5000 SF

Project Name: Tutti Frutti Restaurant
Project Address: Fairfax, Virginia
Total Square footage: Under 5000 square feet
This extremely fun and warm installation at a yogurt shop is Sundek’s SunMetal flooring system.  The installation included a micro-topping to resurface the visible repairs Sundek made on the concrete.  With the new canvas on the floor, the artwork began.  Sundek installed an Epoxy 100 system with metallics.  The owner allowed Sundek to really be aggressive with the techniques used to move and swirl the metallic as the epoxy was curing.  The hardest part of the project was ensuring that neither the main application nor the border application bled into the other.  Due to the fast curing and fast moving of the metallic we had multiple crews working in a systematic fashion that generated a great outcome.  To see the look on the owners face when this job was complete, let us know we had done something special.