5 Reasons to Align with SUNDEK

Years ago, the management of SUNDEK recognized that, as a “service contractor”, success was best achieved by supporting and supplying their dealers with the tools they need to thrive. Those tools include: in-depth training, how-to guides on every aspect of the business, expert advice, the maintenance of a national, collaborative network of dealers, the development of a set of business models for shared use, and the design of a congruent, national advertising campaign. Earnestly believing that the company’s success comes from the prosperity of its dealers, SUNDEK works diligently to furnish these tools and to nurture and support its dealers in any way possible to help guarantee their success and has adopted this same philosophy and methodology in its operations.

4.top.fiveTop 5 Reasons to Align with Sundek


sundek.1State-of-the-Art Products and Premier Brand Marketing

  • Name-Brand Recognition
  • National Advertising Campaign
  • National Dealer Council
  • SUNDEK Portfolio of Proprietary Products and Unsurpassed Warranties
  • Continuing Product Innovation, R&D, and Industry Leadership

sundek.2Operational Excellence

  • The Model Dealer Program
  • Dealer Customer Service Center
  • Customized Salesforce.com
  • Comprehensive Financial Models and Reporting
  • Exclusive Territories

sundek.3Business Development

  • Company Alliances
  • National Commercial Accounts
  • National SUNDEK Manufacturers Representatives

sundek.4Superior Training

  • Proven Formula for Success
  • The SUNDEK Webinar Training Series
  • Annual International SUNDEK Convention
  • Dealer Field and Technical Support

sundek.5Strong SUNDEK Eco-System

  • National Buying Power
  • Local Competitive Pricing Advantage
  • Nationwide Installation Support

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