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Bring New Life to Tired Concrete with Concrete Toppings

Sundek Industrial Concrete Floor

Floors in industrial buildings today are integral to the operations of the business. Concrete supports the equipment and processes of an industrial company. If they are properly maintained, they don’t need a great deal of work, but they still need to be protected from the aggressive manufacturing processes used. Concrete floors do need work at times, and concrete repair or concrete toppings add functionality and structural integrity. Protective overlays and toppings help in keeping concrete usable for longer periods of time.      

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Concrete Sealers

Pool deck with diving board

After you have installed a beautiful, decorative concrete patio, walkway, or any other outdoor surface, you must then determine how you are going to protect this work. It will be time to consider the outdoor concrete sealers at your disposal in order to find the one that is right for this particular job.

This decision is not as cut and dried as it might sound, as there is no one-size-fits-all sealer for every project. Below are factors that you should consider before making your decision.      

Bringing New Life to a Damaged Concrete Floor Using Decorative Overlays

Concrete Floor Coating basement

While concrete may be a very strong material, it is not invincible. Concrete surfaces that have not been coated using Sundek concrete systems and treated with protective coatings, will be porous and will absorb moisture that can lead to stains and cracks. Fortunately, after performing concrete crack repair, you can completely transform an old concrete surface using decorative overlays.      

Don’t Forget the Wall! It’s a Vertical World…

When most people think of decorative concrete they usually think of floors – pool decks – patios – driveways – horizontal applications. But wait there is more… a whole other dimension for decorative concrete – it’s walls!!

Think about it…the typical everyday exterior wall project will range anywhere from a common cinder block privacy wall to a plain gray concrete retaining wall….or even an older plastered block patio wall.  These could all be a potential candidates for some type vertical decorative coating.

If you’ve been looking at a vertical eye sore – a wall that is painted or just plain gray concrete, then it is time to MAKE A CHANGE to decorate the vertical canvases in the places you live, work, and play!

Within the past few years leaders in the decorative concrete industry, like Sundek, have developed a whole new spectrum of products and tools that are capable of creating some incredibly authentic effects for the decorative treatment of walls – both interior and exterior.

SunStamp with SunH20 afterSunStamp with SunH20 before


The incredible news is that decorative coatings can go right over existing dry wall surfaces and more!

  • A vertical coating material thickness can range from nearly paper thin to build up of 2-3 inches depending on the desired effect.
  • The most practical and cost effective effects will be around ¼”-½’ thick simulating the looks of brick and stone.
  • Some wall projects may require some extra engineering to ensure long term performance and your Sundek sales representative can advise you on the best method which could include some basic stucco preparation such as metal or fiber lath and a base coat.
  • We have done wood plank effects that look like the real thing with knot holes and definitely termite proof!! Ha!


Cool Industry Trend:  A new generation of artisans have spawned using concrete to mimicking “Mother Nature.”  One of these amazing artisans is Nathan Giffin, a long time friend to Sundek. Nathan's company, Vertical Artisans, created this concrete tree that looks so real!!

Cool Industry Trend: A new generation of artisans have spawned using concrete to mimicking “Mother Nature.” One of these amazing artisans is Nathan Giffin, a long time friend to Sundek. Nathan’s company, Vertical Artisans, created this concrete tree that looks so real!!

These awesome walls incorporate some of the existing horizontal materials and tools that are already used on exterior decorative concrete decks and interior floors today.  At Sundek, we’ve engineered our proprietary formulas to work in the vertical dimension and defy gravity.

As I always say, choose your contractor carefully. Use my blog checklist to select your vertical project contractor too! Vertical work requires much more of a craftsman / artisan to achieve the realistic looks of stone and other masonry effects.  Walls really stand out from street level and you’ll want to ensure your  contractor is working with quality materials and has quality installers who are experience with vertical application to achieve the realistic look, like Sundek can!


Dress up those retaining walls, cinder block walls, and old painted walls.  Have a Sundek Representative come bid your vertical decorative project.  Explore the possibilities of a Sundek wall to tie into your Sundek flooring – bringing the look all together!!

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The Benefits of Outdoor Concrete Sealers

Sealed Concrete Entryway in Las Vegas

As you know, concrete is one of the most used building materials on the planet. It has long been used outdoors and is growing in popularity inside homes and businesses as well. With that growth has come developments in science and technology to improve the look, durability and functionality of concrete surfaces. If you wish to use concrete outside your home or business, many benefits can be found in outdoor concrete sealers.