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System Series Part 4: Concrete Micro-Toppings SunCanvas

The Decorative Concrete industry has exploded over the past 15-20 years! The evolution of new and exciting decorative concrete products and application methods grows each year. At Sundek, we have more than kept pace over the past 20 plus years, but rather served as an industry leader in the decorative concrete industry for the past 40 years!   Adapting to new markets and improving existing products is what we do best.   One of our more recent innovations is our new product line of Sundek SunCanvas which is generically classified in the industry as a micro-topping.

Sundek SunCanvas

Sundek SunCanvas

The beauty of the amazing SunCanvas material is its ability to transform an ordinary interior concrete floor into a dazzling traffic-friendly surface that is complimented by a variety color stains, metallic, custom graphics and finished with a durable clear finish. SunCanvas is a perfect renovation tool

for older floors that are in good condition – that is crack free and structurally sound. It is also a great solution for new floors in good condition looking for a consistent and beautiful finish.

You are probably asking yourself, then why apply a coating? Why not just stain or color the existing concrete, if it is in good condition? The truth is that the majority of older concrete floors are not in a stain ready condition that will exhibit the satisfactory results you are looking for your property!


What is a Good “Use Case” for SunCanvas?


Ghosting Effect

Ghosting Effect

Glad you asked! SunCanvas is perfect for a floor where tile or carpeting was removed. SunCanvas will cover over the ghosting effect left behind from the previous flooring material. If a contractor would have tried to stain the floor in the photo shown here, the tile lines would “ghost” through on the floor if it were simply stained or dyed.


Instead, Sundek’s SunCanvas comes into play for this solution. The floor is completely surface prepared by machine grinding and then followed by multiple coats of SunCanvas applied with squeegees and trowels. Each coat of SunCanvas is lightly sanded after it dries to remove any trowel lines and then the floor is then recoated until the final surface texture is achieved. Now we have a floor finish that is smooth and consistent!   The surface is now ready for any number of color choices which are typically a stain of some type. Many Sundek Dealers will use the SunH2O which is a water-based acrylic stain or an acid-based stain like Sun Acid.  Both materials have their advantages

  • Sun Acid provides a very organic – mottled look
  • Sun H2O offers a more consistent look and a wider selection of colors

Another popular look today is the use of metallic color which provides a real WOW factor to a floor. With the use a micro-topping like SunCanvas, an old floor can be rejuvenated into an amazing show piece. I am seeing more of the metallic looks now being used in garage floors and high-end commercial real estate.

Sundek SunCanvas

Sundek SunCanvas

As with any stain floor the surface must be protected with a clear finish coat to protect it from the wear and tear of everyday foot traffic. The clear coat will also make the stain colors “pop” adding depth and richness to the final look. Clear coating your surface also makes it elegant and an easy to maintain finish.

The selection of clears can be a tricky proposition and will all depend on three factors:

  1. Intended use of the floor
  2. Overall look you are trying to achieve
  3. Long term maintenance

My preferred choice of clears has been a high-solids urethane applied in two coats. I like the urethane because it is more resilient than an epoxy clear or polyaspartic clear. By resilient I mean,

  1. It is more scratch resistant
  2. It provides some degree of slip resistance
  3. It will not amber or turn yellow in direct sunlight over time

The Bottom Line: Keep in mind when you are considering staining your decorative concrete floor that using your existing concrete floor as your starting “canvas” may not give you the expected results that you’re looking for from that magazine picture or a friend’s house. Sundek’s SunCanvas gives reliable and predictable results! If you are considering a new look on a floor area that currently has carpet or tile, check with your local Sundek Decorative Concrete Coatings Dealer and discuss SunCanvas as a great option for your floor!!!

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Sundek on Display at the Concrete Decor Show

SUNDEK on display at the “New” trendSETTER booth at The Concrete Decor show September 29-October 3, 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas.



Blue Sea Restaurant & Bar, Arlington, VA

Blue Sea Restaurant & Bar, Arlington, VA


trendSETTER – Sundek of Washington         

This was a project located in the brand new Village at Shirlington shopping center, in Arlington, Virginia, just two miles south of the Nation’s Capital.  As Blue Sea was one of the newer restaurants in this area, general contract Haisha Zhou was looking for a company with a reputation and experience installing high-end restaurant floor coatings and stains to achieve a specific look.  The Blue Sea owner was very specific on the final “water” look and feel that he was trying to achieve with the floor.  Three different systems were proposed that could accomplish the effect and also serve as an easily maintained floor solution for heat foot traffic.  However, unforeseen changes elsewhere created an opportunity to get creative within the new budget. Armando Hernandez and team provided two mock-ups, and the winner was the SUNDEK SunCanvas microtopping overlay with Sundek’s H2O water-based SunStain in Turquoise color and two top coats of SUNDEK urethane EcoClear.  The entire project took just three days to complete.  It was a challenge working around multiple trades who were all behind schedule….all except Sundek of course!


Zboray Residence, San Antonio, TX

Zboray Residence, San Antonio, TX

trendSETTER – Sundek of San Antonio        

Sundek of San Antonio was contacted by Mr. & Mrs. Zboray. They knew to act right away as they mentioned the possibility of work to be done on an exposed-aggregate concrete deck with a painted brick coping and large brick retaining wall extending above the 5-to-8-foot pool interior.  The Zboray’s wanted an acrylic spray Sundek Classic Texture around their pool deck for a comfortable, safe, cool walking surface. Mr. Zboray wanted to really kick the project up a notch by including a monochromatic tile pattern with inlaid diamonds. On the pool deck, Sundek’s stamped overlay, SunStamp was chosen for the entire wall as well as spa coping    and runners on the steps and flower bed caps. The combination of Oyster White  pool deck and SunStone with Montego Stone water-based stain was perfect to turn the Zborays’ backyard from drab to fab!


Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

trendSETTER – Sundek of Washington        

Ritz-Carlton/Marriott International contact Sundek’s Rae Cerasoli regarding a specific vision they had to transform the outdoor Sails restaurant and lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas.  The challenge was to remove existing layers of blue paint off the existing concrete and replace with a 8″ decorative overlay wood design in a truly Caribbean color palette. The high humidity conditions mixed with island logistics and a few low-lying areas combined for a new set of challenges. Sundek premix was used to build up the low areas and pitch toward existing drains. Sample boards were created and then approved with matched the Ritz-Carlton’s vision perfectly.  The final step was “squaring up” the wood planks with the existing bar area and reproducing the samples with SUNDEK Tuscan texture to mirror the wood grains.  SunH2O water-based stain of Copper was applied as the base color and then highlighted with Montego stain. Guests and the Ritz-Carlton management team were amazed at the results and the transformative new coating that stole just a bit of the spotlight from this island view.

Systems Series Part 3: Sundek Stamped Overlay System

SUNDEK Stamped Concrete Overlay

In our last blog I discussed Sundek Classic Texture, the signature overlay system Sundek created and developed way back in 1970. This system set off an explosion of other decorative concrete overlays that quickly followed. The growth of decorative concrete was also rapidly growing from another important market segment – stamped concrete.


Stamped concrete had always been the “go –to” look for hardscape designers and discriminating customers because it’s timeless look of natural stone and other masonry materials.



System Limitations   Stamped concrete does however only provide a fairly narrow range of colors, textures and patterns. One of the limiting problems with stamped concrete was that the stamping tools were heavy cast metal, expensive and difficult to use even in the hands of a very capable crew. The coloring techniques and materials were and still are very unpredictable.


These limitations all changed with the innovation of flexible poly-urethane stamping tools and texturing mats. The concrete stamping process suddenly became a whole lot more user friendly. It also gave us the ability to design a project with a wide variety of realistic textures, intricate patterns and multiple color variety. The stamped concrete market exploded during the late 1980s and 1990s but the problem was that you still had to tear out your existing concrete and replace it with new concrete to be stamped and colored. This was a very expensive and many times resulted in unpredictable and unacceptable work.


logosundekLimitations Solved  A number of pioneers in the decorative concrete industry went at the problem by attempting to create the high end look of stamped concrete by applying a 2-4 inch cement topping layer to the existing concrete. Many of these projects resulted in failure. In time the cement polymer chemistry had advanced enough to where the overlays were as thin as 3/16”- down even from the ½ inch overlays from the early 1990’s. This technology gave the stamped overlay materials the necessary properties to expand and contract once it was bonded to the existing concrete and stay bonded. With polymer cements available decorative contractors were able to reinvent and adapt polyurethane stamps and texture tools to create the classic looks of full depth stamped concrete.


logosundekSundek’s Innovation  Sundek recognized the huge demand for Stampable overlays and understood what it would take to bring a premier stamped overlay material to the Sundek Dealer network as a new product offering to their customers across the country.


Because of our years of experience of installing the Classic Spray Texture overlays the Sundek Dealer knew all the necessary requirements for proper surface preparation, crack treatment, and joint detail to insure the stamped overlay is going to perform for many years to come.


As with all new Sundek materials proper training for a quality installation was another key element to insure the long term success of this new system. Every year Sundek provides several installation training sessions for Sundek Dealers across the nation. This training includes the stamped overlays systems even though they were introduced to the Sundek nation over twenty years ago.



Custom Scoreline Effect

logosundekDesigns  Sundek stamped overlay can be designed with a wide variety of natural stone textures, a host of masonry patterns -all combined with a rainbow of color techniques. Probably the most popular SSUNDEK, concrete coating, European flooring, Tuscan, custom slate pattern, porch, walkway, front entry, custom staining, residential, Sundek of Illinois, Chicago, IL. Awarded-Silver-Tuscanundek stamp overlay system I see being used today is the use of a low profile texture mat such a slate that is used in combination with a hand carved or taped pattern. The final color effect is often a soft blend of Sundek acrylic stains protected by the Sundek clear finish coat. This is a very clean look and will be a pleasure to enjoy for many years to come.The Sundek stamped overlay has also been adapted to the Custom Score line Effect, making it an excellent choice even for cracked concrete. Sundek stamped overlays can also be saw cut into any combination of patterns and designs – mostly in a tile or diamond pattern. This look is very cost effective and offers a high end look to any project.


logosundekExisting Customers  I see many of my previous Sundek customers calling to have us retrofit their Sundek Classic Texture jobs that were done years ago and installing the Sundek stamped overlay on the patio, walkways and driveway areas. I recommend the stamped overlays for pool deck areas with the use of a slip resistant material in the clear coat.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sundek stamped overlays can provide the elegant look of high dollar stamped concrete on most existing plain, ordinary, gray concrete. Check with you local Sundek Dealer and have them give you a bid on your next project.



In the next part of our Sundek overlays series on we will look at the very cool look of the Sundek Tuscan Texture Effect!


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Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame Honors Frank Lewis of Sundek 2014


Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame Honors Frank Lewis of Sundek 2014. Frank Lewis


The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame was established to honor and recognize companies and individuals whose contributions have impacted the industry and future of decorative concrete.  The 2014 inductee’s are chosen by the Hall of Fame members and Concrete Decor.



Frank Lewis, Sundek Vice-President

Frank Lewis, Sundek Vice-President


SUNDEK’s Frank Lewis will be honored as one of the 2014 inductee’s in The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame. Frank will be recognized on September 30, 2014 during the Concrete Décor Show in Fort Worth, Texas. Congratulations to Frank Lewis and the other inductees.


See the full story as highlighted in the Aug/Sept issue of Concrete Decor Magazine.

2014 Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame Inductees




Diversity is one of our keys to success


Offering more options to customers is always a good way to generate more business, as so many general contractors, pool builders and architects know very well. However, the addition of more services and options is not enough. One must also have the right products, as well as the right knowledge and experience. With experience as a concrete contractor, it becomes possible for general contractors to provide a better overall service to their customers. Pool contractors also benefit from learning more about the different types of concrete coatings they can use poolside.