Sundek Decorative Concrete Showcases Award-Winning Projects

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2009 DCC Award – 2nd place – vertical over 1500 sq ft – Potomac Club – Sundek of Washington

Over the years, Sundek’s dealers’ decorative concrete projects have received multiple awards for their work. Sundek corporate now has dedicated a place on their website to begin showcasing its award-winning concrete projects starting in 2009. For almost 50 years, people throughout the country have come to depend on Sundek products. Its overlays, stains, acrylic finishes, epoxies, and other products surpass customer expectations.

The following are some examples of the awards won for Sundek’s decorative concrete projects to give you a better idea of what Sundek can do and how inspiring these systems are for concrete surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Projects - Columbia Parc

Decorative Concrete Projects – Columbia Parc

2009 Potomac Club

 A professional installer used Sundek’s Classic Texture to create a stunning custom mural. The design, which coordinated with the building’s architectural features, depicted bold colored crashing waves on a wall next to the indoor pool. Sundek received second place for using a vertical overlay spray texture covering more than 1,500 square feet.

2012 Columbia Parc and Lincoln Park Towers

 Contractors worked with Sundek via Concrete Coatings Inc. and Sundek of Illinois, respectively, to get two, first-place awards for decorative concrete projects. For Columbia Parc, Sundek products helped revitalize a 3,350-square-foot pool deck and 735-square-foot splash park following Hurricane Katrina.

For Lincoln Park Towers, the owners chose Sundek to give the pool deck and patio a facelift. Working with a professional team, a herringbone and soldier course brick design using Classic Texture transformed both areas.

Garage workshop decorative concrete project

Garage workshop decorative concrete project


Already in 2018, Sundek has received three first-place and one second-place award for its incredible decorative concrete projects. The first was the Brock residence. The homeowners wanted to turn a garage into a man cave. Thanks to Sundek of San Antonio, they accomplished their goal. The second award was the University of Texas project in which Sundek products custom designed SA Student University Housing.

The third award was for work done at The First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis. Decorative concrete resurfacing gave the sanctuary a fresh, new look. As for the second-place award, an installer applied Classic Texture as an overlay at less than 1/4 inch thick at the Parr Park Spray ground.