Why Is Sundek Classic Texture Such a Popular Choice for Home and Business Owners?

In 1970, the world first learned about the spray-on texture overlay in the form of Sundek Classic Texture. Since that time, this product has remained a top choice for people everywhere. As the concrete application that launched the industry of decorative concrete, you can trust this product 100 percent.

Sundek Classic Texture

Sundek Classic Texture

On its own, this product is incredible. However, thanks to advances in techniques, you can choose customized effects that further enhance its beauty. In fact, if you have interest in another product, including Tuscan and SunStamp, a professional installer can use Sundek Classic Texture in conjunction with it, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Other enhancements for this product include exposed aggregates, unique score cut lines, and masonry effects.

If preferred, you can have Classic Texture colored, choosing from a broad range of options. As a highly versatile product, Sundek Classic Texture is perfect for your pool deck, outdoor patio, or open concrete surface. Its versatility also means that you can have it applied to walkways, driveways, and more. In fact, this decorative concrete coating works incredibly well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Because of that, you can have it applied on outside walls, pillars, fireplace surrounds, fire pits, water features, the front of steps, and so on.

However, because of its unique benefits, Sundek Classic Texture has become a top choice for pool deck areas. Not only is this product beautiful to look at, it is also comfortable and safe to walk on. Because of its formula and textured surface, this product is comfortable on bare feet. It stays cool to the touch, allowing people to walk around barefoot even on the hottest days.

Safety around a pool deck is always a concern. This decorative concrete coating enhances safety for everyone, especially children who tend to run around. With its textured surface, you never have to worry about someone slipping and sustaining an injury.

Used for both residential and commercial applications, Sundek Classic Texture offers even more. Because this product is a nonporous acrylic finish coat, things like chemicals, moisture, dirt, and oil will not penetrate. Therefore, the surface remains gorgeous and easy to maintain. Regardless of which design effects you prefer, this decorative concrete solution provides a consistent chemical bond, meaning it will not separate from the concrete below.

Sundek Classic Texture will transform your ordinary outdoor concrete surfaces into a beautiful masterpiece. Because of that, you will enjoy spending more time outside with family and friends.