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First Place Overlays Spray Texture (Tuscan) Under 5000 SF

Project Name: 5-Star Resort on St. Thomas Island
Project Address: St. Thomas US Virgin Islands
Total Square footage: Under 5000 square feet

5-Star Resort on St. Thomas Island contacted SNA on March 1, 2013; they had a “vision” for their outdoor restaurant floor. After working long and hard, to find that perfect “look” going through many different design schemes & competitor pricing, etc. – Sundek was the approved contractor!

Design – Sundek Tuscan Texture with Wood Plank effects!

Rae & Deidre started the process of samples boards. Presenting it to Tony Hernandez & Jose, they created the boards and matched the photos – perfectly! We shipped them out and they approved!

Project was presented to SOW/Armando Hernandez by Don Snider in August 2013. Requesting experienced installers to take care of our first large 5-Star Resort on St. Thomas Island. What a great opportunity for SOW crew to demonstrate their expertise & experience.

 Once on site…Sundek removed 3-4 layers of paint….After the paint removal process, Sundek crew pressure washed and inspected the floor. A “challenge” is presented…multiple areas of low spots, where water was pulling and ranging from 3/16” to 1 ½” deep. Sections as small as 4’X4’ to areas at 20’X12’. We now ran into a shortage of tools and material and not enough time to have it delivered to the island. Home Depot was our savior! We found a big selection of resurfacing products/concrete/sand mix, all this mixed together with Sundek premix and additive provided more strength to the material….we now have a solution!

Moving forward…Sundek base coat was applied giving us a more uniform and flat looking surface. On to the “wood plank pattern”, taking a full day to measure and square the pattern and according to the bar walls, as it was 8” difference between, the right and left corner to the far end wall, 46 rolls of 3/8” reinforce fiber tape were used to complete the layout.

Next…Sundek Tuscan texture was applied where the crew demonstrated all the talent and expertise acquired through all the years combined. We achieved a beautiful wood grain texture look throughout the surface. Sundek stain H20 copper was applied as the base color, once the stain dried, we moved onto the “highlighting” of the wood planks, using Sundek stain H20 Montego stain, and a rich dark brown color to achieve a natural looking hardwood floor. After highlights, a second copper stain color coat was applied throughout the entire floor. Finally…The Sundek eco-clear coat was applied. 

Result: Guest and the 5-Star Resort on St. Thomas Island were absolutely amazed and giving HUGE compliments to all involved!