So Many Flooring Options! Are Stained Floors My Best Choice?

Limited Flooring Choices Were Prominent Back in the Day – You, as a homeowner or building designer, did not have much choice in what went down as the final floor finish in the home or office. You were generally left with a short list of materials such as carpet,  vinyl sheet goods or tile.  Besides aesthetics, each has some good qualities and also some real issues that surfaced later. And then there was staining…

The Stained Floor Surge   About 25 years ago there was a surge of interest in stained floors driven by the “WOW” factor the look offers to ordinary décor spaces.  Some of the main reasons stained floors became a viable design choice were:

  • development of durable and user friendly sealers
  • reliable and predictable stain materials
  •  development of proper application guidelines
  •  installer training in the use of these materials

Today stained and dyed floors have become a top choice with discriminating designers When used in a polished concrete floor – or applied to the natural concrete floor, the stained floor look is not only highly desirable, but extremely functional.
Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the flooring choices on the market today using the guidelines put together by Anne Balogh.

Wide choice of colors – Carpet – tile –vinyl – have stepped up and offer a wide choice of colors and textures to select from – but they are not custom nor unique to your project. Wood – wood laminates – stone and brick have a very natural and organic look but are limited in this area. Stained concrete projects are a one of a kind with unlimited color and design selection. Every project reflects the owner’s tastes and personality with their imagination being the only limitation.

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Floors and Star Wars - A Winning Combination!

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Stained Floors and Star Wars Decor – A Winning Combination!

Longevity and performance – Carpet – vinyl- wood and most tiles cannot match the durability of concrete. Natural stone and brick, if properly cared for can match the natural durability of good concrete floors.

Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage – All of the above materials are continuously dealing with moisture-related issues, especially carpet, wood and vinyl, whereas ceramic tile, natural stone and stained concrete are strong performers in this area. This goes hand-in-hand with a major issue in today’s homes and offices that deal with allergens and mold problems that are magnified by modern construction that seals the building tight to keep air out as well as keeping the modified heat or cold in with HVAC systems. There are a lot of sick buildings and homes for this very reason. Stained concrete floors play a major role in eliminating this health issue because of the hygienic nature of the finish.

Average Cost per Foot Installed
Carpet                       $3.38-$6.61**
Ceramic Tile            $11-22**
Vinyl/Linoleum    $2.64-5.64**
Wood                          $8-10**
Laminate                  $8-10***
Natural Stone          $20-50+***
Stained Concrete  $2-15***

Turn Ordinary to Amazing  Stained concrete floors are a terrific way to really put an amazing look to an ordinary concrete floor without breaking the bank and it comes with many advantages over traditional materials in so many areas.

Bottom line: Stained floors are a GREAT choice! Choose a licensed and insured contractor who has a lot of experience in the installation of stained floors. Make sure they understand your particular project and what you are trying to achieve. Are they willing to make samples and do they have credible references that you can go see? Do they offer a warranty? Select your contractor, select your color/design, and ENJOY!

*Check out for more information on Anne Balogh’s decorative concrete.
Source ** Old House Web
Source*** Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete

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