See the Versatility of Sundek Decorative Coatings

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How Do They Do That? The Versatility of Sundek Decorative Coatings

I recently wrote an article for a national trade magazine featuring the many design aspects of decorative concrete overlay systems. When I finished the piece I was amazed how versatile these materials are in regards to color, texture and patterns.

When one considers not only the design aspects but how practical these systems are it is an easy decision to select decorative concrete as your flooring of choice. Sundek decorative coatings are used to solve a host of concrete problems including cracking, discoloration, slip-fall issues, drainage problems, and correct uneven trip-fall hazardous concrete so this solution has a very practical side as well. It is not just pretty face!

What finally blew me away was the fact that decorative overlays can be applied in so many situations; interior-exterior, vertical-horizontal, new-old, concrete-masonry, plain or fancy!

It got me thinking – “I need to share this with the rest of the world!” This blog post is dedicated to spotlighting award-winning Sundek projects that exemplify the versatility of Sundek overlay materials and the unmatched craftsmanship of Sundek Installers. We have won these awards through various industry organizations:

Sundek of Nashville Award Winner: This beautiful job from Sundek of Nashville is a perfect example. What started out as just another plain gray backyard patio is now transformed into its own special outdoor living space. This type of design and quality workmanship is unique to the Sundek family of craftsmen and possible especially because of the ultra-talented crews at Sundek of NasSundek of Nashvillehville. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The details of this small area are amazing. The stone pattern was hand-taped to fit this small area in both scope and scale followed by the application of textured stamping mats, providing a realistic stone texture.

The blending of colors from the brick wall to the patio area required the use of several Sundek water based acrylic stains, each one complimenting the other and in agreement with the adjacent multicolored brick at the house. The blending of colors from the brick wall to the patio area required the use of several Sundek water based acrylic stains, each one complimenting the other and in agreement with the adjacent multicolored brick at the house.

It’s hard to tell which material is real and which one is a thin Sundek decorative concrete overlay.

SundeSundek Decorative Concrete Job Showcase Image 2k of San Antonio Award Winner: Talk about versatility and creativity – check out this award winning interior project from Sundek of San Antonio.

The floor had previously been carpeted and was a constant cleaning problem with the home owners two large dogs. The nasty old carpet was removed and a new Sundek base coat was applied. The entire floor was hand taped with ¼ re-inforced strapping tape to achieve the exact board pattern desired. Texture coat was then carefully hand troweled over the base to simulate the look of a raised wood grain lumber. Finally the tape pattern was pulled from the troweled texture to reveal this beautiful plank pattern.
oviding this realistic wood effect. To put the final touch on the entire floor, two coats of Sundek clear finish coat make the wood stain color pop out and provides a durable cleanable finish. This particular project won first place in the 2104 Decorative Concrete Council yearly project awards contest in Las Vegas.

Big Red Decorative Concrete (Kansas City), a Sundek Dealer Award Winner: The creativity of Sundek dealers and their incredibly talented crews never cease to amaze me. This previously plain, gray concrete retaining wall certainly didn’t do anything for this Kansas City backyard setting until the local Sundek Dealer, Big Red Decorative Concrete, stepped in and created this larger than life Sunstone Effect.

VerticalSince the concrete wall was in rough shape to start with, it received a hand troweled base coat to even everything out and fill in all the imperfections. The Big Red crew then hand taped an Ashlar Stone pattern onto the wall in the same fashion an old world mason would have laid up stones back in the day.

When it came to applying texture, Big Red chose to hand trowel this “one of a kind” texture, creating a different effect for each individual stone. To continue the custom look of this project, the talented crew hand sponged each stone with a unique combination of Sundek water based acrylic stains followed by a protective acrylic clear coat.

Summary: There you have it- a snap shot of three gorgeous Sundek decorative concrete overlay projects that transformed ugly, gray concrete into eye pleasing living spaces. Not only are they awesome to admire, the materials are extremely durable and provide added home value year after year. Versatility at its best!

Check out the Sundek website and get ready to be blown away the workmanship in the photo gallery tab, then find the Dealer locator in your area. You don’t have to live with plain gray concrete anymore!