Quick and Easy Steps for Identifying a Qualified Decorative Concrete Contractor

Usually, people searching for a reputable decorative concrete contractor will follow a long list of questions or spend hours conducting research to make sure they hire the best one. While this is perfectly fine, you can save both time and effort by learning some quick and easy steps that will help you identify a great contractor almost immediately, whether talking on the phone or meeting in person.

  • Online Credentials – Before contacting a decorative concrete contractor, spend about five to ten minutes looking for information on the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List websites. Those two sites alone will reveal a history of closed or open complaints, as well as the type of complaints filed.
  • Products Used – Asking what products are used will tell you a lot about a decorative concrete contractor. An expert who uses only top-of-the-line products genuinely cares about the caliber of work performed. For instance, if a contractor uses products like SunStamp, SunCanvas, Tuscan, and SunEpoxy 100, you can feel confident in that person’s ability and dedication to excellence.
  • Area of Specialty – In addition, quickly hone in on the area of specialty. While a decorative concrete contractor may be well-versed in all methods, such as stamped concrete, stained concrete, and resurfacing, if you want a specific type of application, make sure the contractor specializes in that area.
  • Licensing, Certification, Insurance, and Training – Verify that a contractor is properly licensed, certified, and insured. A qualified contractor will have completed extensive training while continuing to train to be the best that he or she can be.
  • Transparency – Regardless if you are requesting proof of licensing, certification, or insurance or asking for references, a superior decorative concrete contractor will be 100 percent transparent. No matter what questions you ask or information you want to see, the right contractor will be quick to provide whatever you need.