Patio Restoration

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For the Celebrino Event Center, Mr. Deepak came to Sundek and sales consultant Zach Wheeler with a very catchy design request for his wedding venue. The venue required a product that is durable but also slip resistant since it would be the walkway that led up to the venue. Mr. Deepak was able to provide Sundek with a rendering of the final facility design to help us accurately place the curves and corners that the design required. After seeing the intricate design, the 13,000 square foot area that we were going to transform, Zach knew a project of this detail and magnitude would require more time for installation.

Lastly, Mr. Deepak mentioned that he needed this project completed in four days because they were having an event later that week. Zach knew that if Sundek was not able to get this project completed in his timeframe, then we would not be awarded the job. Zach hurried to get the proposal out so we could start the job as soon as possible. Once we received the signed contract from Mr. Deepak the real challenge started, we moved jobs around to accommodate the four crews it would take to get this project completed in four days.

The project started on a Monday and our four amazing crews worked all day on the preparation of the concrete areas. On Tuesday, the crews applied the Sundek base coat and focus on the hand taped design. On Wednesday the focus was to apply the Sundek Classic Texture system & then applied the base colors of Mission Tan and Franciscan Tan with the added three-color aggregate effects in our Sable, Smoke Gray and Bone White Sundek colors. On Thursday the crews installed the mastic and cleaned up the jobsite. Zach met with Mr. Deepak on Friday to walk through the project. Mr. Deepak was beyond ecstatic with the result! Most importantly, he was pleased that our installation team was able to complete the project within his one-week deadline. We are happy to say that Mr. Deepak is a Sundek customer for life and that our crews and sales rep had so much fun designing and creating this beautiful project for weddings. 

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