Metallic Floors

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For this Anodamine office building, the owners were looking for an epoxy system for the interior as well as the balconies of the builder, so the general contractor contacted Sundek. Though the owners had not heard of metallic epoxy, they were very open to the idea of looking at samples. As soon as they laid their eyes on the sample of the Sundek platinum metallics, they were all in! Unfortunately, the second and third floor had wood subfloor and being open to the elements before the building was dried in, it was not in the best condition. We overcame this obstacle by floating the wood decking and then installing hardy-backer over both subfloors (including stairs). Sundek then filled all seams, sanded, and began the installation. The first step in the process was applying the Sundek epoxy primer to ensure bond. We then applied a Sundek base coat of Sundek SunEpoxy 100 in Sterling Gray color (100% solids). Next crews mixed Sundek metallics in clear epoxy (again 100% solids) and installed it over the pigmented base coat. Finally, our crew sealed the floor with the Sundek High Traffic urethane sealer for abrasion resistance. The application of this process created an unbelievable, one-of-a-kind floor and the owners were over-the-moon. 

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