Potomac Club

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Sundek of Washington 

Second Place Vertical Overlay Spray Texture Over 1500 SF

Project Name: Potomac Club
Project Address: Washington, DC
Total Square footage: Over 1500

When BE&K, Inc. contacted us they had one goal in mind…create a dynamic mural that would turn the interior pool deck area into a vibrant space that matched the architecture of the building. The first designs were to be of giant waves crashing beside the pool. This was to be done by an artist, however, that plan did not work out, So we created samples of waves using the SUNDEK Classic Texture system. After reviewing the samples, designer Erin Westervelt came up with a new concept. The result was flowing arcs that weave together using six different colors to separate them where they join.

The most challenging aspect of the project was linking the grout lines between the stone columns. To achieve the connectivity of the design it was important to make it appear as if it flowed from section to section…seamlessly. Equally challenging was the fact that the walls are sixteen feet tall and we had only a four-foot walkway from which to work.

The project exceeded their expectations and Sundek is now specified for their decorative concrete finishes.