McCullough Residence

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Sundek of Washington 

Second Place Stained (Tuscan) Under 5000 SF

Project Name: McCullough Residence
Project Address: Washington, DC
Total Square footage: Under 5000 square feet

The McCullough project is uniquely elegant and provided the texture and color tones the homeowners desired to bring a modern artsy feel to their living room.  The System installed is Sundek’s Tuscan Overlay, which is a hand troweled and stained overlay finished off with a clear coat.

The design phase was in depth, with multiple meetings.  With the meetings, the homeowner’s oscillating color choices were nailed down with multiple samples.  The general concept of the inlay design was brought to life through renderings the sales representative provided.

The project logistically was a challenge due to being in Washington DC.  The one-way street was always packed leaving our crews hauling equipment and material to great distances.  The project was also on the 6th floor. The installation of the project began with removing the carpet to be hauled away, with the next step being to grind the existing carpet glue from the substrate.  After the glue had been removed and the entirety of the concrete had been profiled and cleaned, a Sundek base coat was applied to ensure bonding.  Next step was the application of Sundek’s Tuscan hand trowels overlay system (1/8” in thickness).  

After receiving approval on the texture, the crews scored the unique pattern per the sales rep’s outline.  The staining process went smooth, with the homeowner having Sundek darken the Browns in the inlay.  Once approved Sundek applied the SunOne clear coat, which is a fast curing polyaspartic/polyuria blend.  Using this clear coat required a fan and ventilation system temporarily being set up to alleviate fumes quickly.  Yet, it also allowed our happy customer to have the use of their living room and kitchen back 24 hours after install was complete.