Why Are So Many Medical Offices Having Decorative Coatings Installed?

If you were to walk into a number of medical offices, a pattern would begin to emerge. Today, it is common for this type of office to choose decorative coatings for their floors. If you are curious why, the information provided will explain. Keep in mind that while there are several different coatings to choose from, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings rank as two of the most popular. Whether working with SunOne, SunEpoxy 100, or some other Sundek product, the results exceed expectations.

Liven up your medical office building with Sundek decorative coatings

Liven up your medical office building with Sundek SunMetal System

Start by looking at epoxy decorative coatings. This type of flooring solution is beautiful. Therefore, people who walk into medical clinics with an epoxy floor immediately feel welcomed. Not only does the surface have a high-gloss sheen, epoxy is extremely durable. That means that wheelchairs, crutches, and high traffic will not be a concern.

Another reason why so many medical offices have epoxy decorative coatings is because of the broad range of color options. This makes it easy to create a space that is more sophisticated and refined, or a space that is fun and bright, which would be ideal for a children’s medical office. Epoxy is also resistant to chemicals and stains, two things commonly associated with medical clinics. However, the non-porous surface is one of the greatest benefits of these decorative coatings, since epoxy resists mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

Polyaspartics are another popular choice for decorative coatings used in medical offices. Although this chemical compound has been available for commercial use dating back to the 1980s, there have been some tremendous advances. As a result, this type of coating is far more resistant to temperature and abrasions than before. In addition, polyaspartics are impermeable, meaning they will not transmit water vapor.

By using either epoxies or polyaspartics, medical offices have the opportunity to be creative in their design. Often, patients feel nervous about seeing a doctor, so what better way to make them feel comfortable than being welcomed by a beautiful, colored floor? Even for gray or black epoxy decorative coatings, a professional installer can add metallic colors or color chips/flakes. These flakes come in varying sizes, depending on how vibrant the medical office wants the floor to be.

The bottom line is that by using decorative coatings, medical offices have a more modern aesthetic while remaining professional. Considering that these coatings are both safer to walk on and easier to clean and maintain, it makes perfect sense why popularity within the health sector has experienced incredible growth.