Architectural Decorative Concrete by SUNDEK NATIONAL ACCOUNTS is the Newest Lithocrete® Licensee

Sundek, established in 1970, joins an elite nationwide group of Lithocrete® Licensees and will install Lithocrete® in the state of Texas

Lithocrete® is the original patented concrete system that has redefined hardscape creations nationwide. Lithocrete®’s system utilizes the structural properties of reinforced concrete, combined with the aesthetic quality of surface-seeded select aggregates. The unique colors and textures are combined to create the perfect finish for large building plazas, museums, public buildings, and municipal projects. Sundek is the premier licensee in Texas as an award-winning, skilled contractor trained to install high-quality architectural concrete projects.

Lithocrete® is environmentally conscious and can contribute to achieving LEED credits by using recyclable and recycled materials. Similar to Sundek’s overlay systems, Lithocrete® is a sustainable and superior alternative to veneer-type paving finishes such as granite, slate, tile, and brick.

Lithocrete® is a monolithic, reinforced concrete process that incorporates the use of seeded aggregate or seeded glass. Due to the small crush size of the aggregate that is used, the surface is nonabrasive, yet remains slip-resistant when wet. Sundek puts a strong focus on functional and decorative surfaces with overlays and poured concrete as our contractors install systems with safety and aesthetics in mind.

These aggregates include:

  • Crushed Rock
  • Recycled Glass
  • Gems/Minerals
  • Seashells/Beach Pebbles & other natural creations
  • Silica carbide/Mica/Pixie Dust
  • Stone/Tile: Limestone, terra cotta, slate, tile, brass inserts

One benefit of using the Lithocrete® licensed contractors at Sundek is the paved surface will have substantial longevity and reduced future maintenance costs since delamination is non-existent. Another benefit of using Lithocrete® as opposed to traditional concrete is that it has a very high SRI (Solar Reflective Index) value which helps reduce the effects of the urban heat island effect.

With hundreds of ways to use Lithocrete®’s patented systems and colors, Sundek can create truly unique designs with poured concrete as the new Lithocrete® licensee in Texas.

  • LithoMosaics
  • Lithocrete Quarried Stone
  • LithoPresto Pneumatic
  • Lithocrete Sedimentary Wall
  • Lithocrete Presto Wall

Contact Scott Carter at 888-600-1460 for more information.

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