Lane Residence

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Sundek of San Antonio 

First Place Overlay (Tuscan) Under 5000 SF

Project Name: Lane Residence
Project Address: San Antonio, Texas
Total Square footage: Under 5000 square feet

Mrs. Lane called us to see if we might be able to help them out with a decorative concrete solution for their home.  Her first concern was that she had run into a number of contractors that wouldn’t travel to her particular area because of distance; we were able to settle that concern by setting an appointment for (Tony Presenza) our Sundek Sales Representative within a day of her call.

Upon arrival Mr. and Mrs. Lane walked through the specific areas that they had in mind for the overlay systems.  Their three areas consisted of the two front patios, a walkway between, the back patio (multiple pours over the years), and the garage.  After walking the three areas with the Lane’s Tony was able to confirm for them the potential for these areas and the numerous options Sundek could supply.

After walking through each of the systems available the Lane’s decided that the front patios and garage were to be designed by Mrs. Lane and the back patio was all Mr. Lane’s.  The areas totaled 1844 square feet and they were to be covered in two of our overlay systems.  Mrs. Lane loved that we could make our Tuscan overlay system look like a wood plank effect with a nice dark stain and sealer.  One of her major concerns in the front was the radius of the sidewalk and steps, how the crew would make this look like an actual wood and not lose the full effect of the system.  The crew was able to lay out a detailed taped pattern which Mrs. Lane fell in love with.  With the garage floor system she also wanted the wood effect system but with a larger rustic wood look, a wider board is what she decided on with a stronger top clear to hold up to the tire traffic.  The garage area was not only an area to park the cars but an entertainment area for the entire extended family on the weekends.

When it came to Mr. Lane on his back patio he was simple and straight forward, he has always liked “that flagstone looking stuff” so Sundek ​​was able to provide him with our Sun Stone decorative overlay system.  Mr. Lane was amazed at the work the crew put in and the finished product they provided for him.  The Lane’s were great customers and open to Sundek using its creative knowledge to provide them with a true decorative concrete solution.