A Growing Number of Architects Now Recommend Concrete Resurfacing to Clients

Architects are responsible for recommending various things to clients renovating a home or business, but they also cross-sell. Typically, architects suggest only the finest and most expensive solutions. However, when it comes to concrete, a different trend has emerged. Today, many of the best architects are recommending that their clients consider concrete resurfacing as opposed to having a new concrete substrate poured and installed.

Architects Choose Concrete Overlays by Sundek

Concrete Resurfacing Systems by Sundek

  • Speedy Project – Getting a client’s home or business finished on time or ahead of schedule is beneficial to both architects and owners. Happy owners are more likely to refer the services of the architect they used. Comparing a new concrete installation with concrete resurfacing, the latter is a much faster solution. Ultimately, this prevents a home or business owner from being In fact, most are not displaced for any length of time, if at all.
  • Mess – Having an old concrete surface removed and a new one poured involves multiple steps that leave a significant mess. Once the old surface comes out, broken up pieces of concrete get piled up until eliminated from the property. Also, the work involved to remove an old concrete surface creates a tremendous amount of dust. Even if outside, dust particles magically find their way inside. With concrete resurfacing, there is virtually no mess and, therefore, no dust.
  • Potential Complaints and Fines – Depending on where the home or business is, the owner could be at risk for receiving complaints and even fines because of construction. For instance, if a homeowner living in a homeowners’ association chooses to have an old driveway ripped up, the owner could receive a fine for having a pile of rubble outside. With concrete resurfacing, an installer finishes the work quickly and with very little mess, so there are no complaints or fines.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics – With so many options for concrete resurfacing, home and business owners can achieve any aesthetic. Depending on the product and application, a professional installer can create a surface that looks sophisticated, rustic, modern, and so on. Not only will the resurfaced concrete look beautiful on its own, it will also enhance the appearance of the home or business.

Architects know that concrete resurfacing is the best solution for their clients and their own business. For that reason, it makes more sense for them to recommend this option rather than a complete concrete installation. The best architects also recommend the best products, including SunEpoxy 100, SunOne, and SunStone. The bottom line is that top architects understand that resurfacing concrete is a win-win situation for everyone.