How to Give Your Concrete Pool Deck a Much-Needed Facelift in Time for Summer

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

Although summer has arrived, it is not too late to upgrade the appearance and functionality of your concrete pool deck. If your pool area has started to show signs of wear and tear or if it is outdated and needs to be brought into the 21st century, you have multiple options. Most of the solutions cure and dry fast, which means that you and your guests can be outside having fun in the sun in no time.

An excellent way to give your concrete pool deck a facelift is by using a product called Classic Texture. This Splatter Knockdown finish is formulated to enhance the beauty of the deck while making it more comfortable and safer. Innovatively formulated, this product is easy to clean and maintain, and it comes in a broad selection of colors and textures. It also has a slip-resistant surface, and it is comfortable to walk on so that the surface feels cool to the touch even on the hottest summer days.

SunStone is another exceptional product. A professional installer can apply this on your concrete pool deck and other surfaces in your backyard for a cohesive aesthetic, whether brick, stucco, cinder block, or something else. This product transforms every surface, making it look and feel like quarried stone. With this architectural limestone coating, your new pool deck will look beautiful, as will any other backyard surfaces, including a walkway and patio.

Another option is SunH20, which is a combination of liquid pigments and soluble polymers with an adhesive promoter added. If your goal is to make your concrete pool deck look unique and exciting, this is an outstanding option. You can choose from a host of colors or, for something extraordinary, have the product layered or mixed with different colors. Regardless of your decision, the facelift of your pool deck will exceed your expectations.