Get the Garage of Your Dreams with SUNDEK Epoxy Coatings

SunOne polyaspartic garage floor coating with multi flek paint chips for webSunEpoxy is a combination of low viscosity, 100% solids epoxy resin designed to provide a strong, durable floor surface that can withstand heavy traffic, harsh weather and other environmental elements, while still being a customizable, attractive surface.

SunEpoxy can be applied with different types of colored chips and aggregate filler, giving you plenty of options for customization. The finished product forms a seamless, monolithic flooring system suitable for many heavy use areas, including garages, retail spaces, warehouses, restaurants and more.

The typical aggregates used with SunEpoxy are silica, Monterey sand or decorative color quartz, and all produce stunning results.  The surface texture can also be varied from aggressively slip-resistant for commonly wet areas, to an orange peel like texture suitable for offices, hallways or laboratories.

Create a durable, low maintenance, attractive flooring solution today with SUNDEK’s SunEpoxy epoxy flooring system.