Dunn Loring

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Sundek of Washington 

First Place Overlay Spray Texture Over 5000 SF

Project Name: Dunn Loring Metro
Project Address: Dunn Loring, Virginia
Total Square footage: Over 5000 square feet

This featured Sundek Classic Texture project brought the elegance of Adam Steiner’s creative design work, into a stunning reality.  The Sundek Classic Texture overlay system with an array of patterns and blended colors achieved a level of visual artistry that matched the newly built high-end apartment complex at Dunn Loring.

Working with the contractor, Mill Creek, it quickly became apparent that Sundek would have to take the lead in certain aspects of the project.  Though Sundek was specified for the overlay portion from the design phase, Dick Krach, Sundek Sales Representative was instrumental in working with Mill Creek to bring in Joe Neto for the concrete portion of the project.  Joe Neto, in turn, was the head consultant in the form and pour a portion of the pool deck and one of the patio’s, using Dick Krach’s suggestion on expansion joint placement to best suit the concrete needs, but also intertwine with the pattern designed by Adam Steiner.

The project itself is on the 5th floor of the new high rise and posed some unique logistics features. Sundek installation began after the first residents have already moved into the building. With this in mind, it was crucial to be as discrete and professional at all times, to ensure a seamless and non-intrusive installation.  The install itself took 5 days to complete the pool deck and the patio, with one of those days being a non-work rain-delayed day.

The patterns involved were custom and therefore difficult in nature to ensure they matched perfectly to the specified design from Mr. Steiner.  All in all, the project went smoothly, and with the project manager being so impressed, Sundek was referred to another Mill Creek project in progress.