Creating Your Ideal Floor Using Stained Concrete

Light Concrete Stain

When you think of concrete floors, you may not picture high-end, high-performance, custom floors. Thanks to the innovative and creative decorative concrete products from Sundek, it is time to rethink the way you view flooring systems. With the help of stained concrete, a floor can become your canvas for inventing original and eye-catching designs.

 Using Acid-Based Concrete Stains

Acid stains are among the most fun and intriguing materials to use when transforming a concrete surface. The acid within the stain actually reacts with the minerals and salts within the concrete. The result of these reactions is a permanent change in color within the floor.

While acid concrete stains are available in different colors, it can be difficult to predict with certainty how any individual concrete floor will react. These types of stains are excellent if you want to see variations in the surface of the floor. They can be used to create the mottled appearance of natural stone, or special application techniques can be used to create splatter effects or other interesting patterns.

Opting for Water-Based Concrete Stains 

If you want the colors of your stained concrete to be more predictable, a water-based stain may be a better choice. These stains do not contain acid and do not rely upon any chemical reactions in order to produce the colors.

This does not mean that you cannot also create interesting color variations within the floor using a water stain. These types of stains can be used to create very fascinating patterns and designs by layering and combining different colors during the application process. The application techniques used can also make it possible to create finished stained concrete that has designs that would not be possible with an acid stain.

Liquid Concrete Dye from Sundek

Sundek also offers a liquid concrete dye known as SunDye. The application of this type of dye is not completely dissimilar to applying paint to a surface. It is a fast-drying concrete dye that is very easy to apply to the floor with very predictable results.

The end result of applying SunDye is floors with very vibrant and even colors. This type of color dye is a great choice if you are interested in incorporating a very particular design within your stained concrete. Your desired colors will reliably shine through just as you had planned.