Colored Concrete Floors with Bold Graphic Designs Enhance the Game Arcade Experience

Vibrant Colors with SunMetal Coatings

For a game arcade to provide consumers with the ultimate experience, two primary things are required. First, an arcade needs a great selection of quality gaming machines. Second, it needs decor that entices people to come inside and then stay. When walking into a reputable arcade, people immediately notice certain things, including sounds, lights, color, and design. Smart business owners know that concrete floors are a great way to enhance the overall experience.

Concrete floors are available in many unique color, pattern, texture, and design options. For a game arcade, floors with a bold graphic design have a better opportunity for achieving success. With the right product, virtually any aesthetic is achievable. Therefore, arcade owners can choose a design that complements a specific theme or color scheme. They can also choose floors that attract a specific age group.

One example is a solid colored floor using the Classic Texture product, coupled with fun gaming terms or designs. Even different colors can be used to create sections based on the type of games. In other words, the area with pinball machines could be a bright orange with a pinball design in the center. For shooting games, the floor could be bright red with a gun design featured.

Not only do concrete floors enhance the interior space and improve the gamers’ experience, they work well for marketing purposes. Products like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100 in a darker color with metallic flakes added could be the foundation. In the center of the floor, a bright and bold design featuring the company’s logo could be added. This creates a wow factor while marketing the brand.

With endless possibilities, arcade owners can be as creative as they want with concrete floors. As people enter an arcade, they initially look down to see where they are walking, so using the right colors and designs is important for making a huge and lasting impact.