Brock Residence

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Sundek of San Antonio

Brock Residence – Sundek of San Antonio

1st Place in Overlays – Less than 1/4″ Under 5000 Ft Sq

Project Name: Brock Residence
Project Address: San Antonio TX 78120
Total Square footage: 4590 square feet

The Brock’s came to us with a fun project for their Man cave type garage they were looking to create. They were entertaining a couple of different options and companies for the job. It seemed as  though they were reluctant to go the epoxy route because of bad experiences in the past, this allowed for me to produce an option of our Sun Splash texture with a custom design. Mrs. Brock had actually created the design to scale with the color combination they wanted. We made up a sample for them in which I drove personally to their home in the Houston area early one morning.

Once they decided to go with Sundek I knew we had a great opportunity to provide them with a top notch installation for the best end result they were trying to achieve. Once the crew started we prepped the surface with mechanical grinding and a good pressure washing. The crew hand taped the custom pattern shown in the photos then applied our custom color combination. The idea was to create a double lane “road” with yellow stripping through the large garage doors on each side. Then on opposite ends of the garage we would establish two “checkered flag” areas to highlight the vintage car collection and other “toys”. We finished the project with a high grade clear seal and a broadcast of additional grit. They love every square foot of it and we’re excited to get their toys on it as soon as possible.